Hong Kong election general discussion topic

These three articles should nicely summarise the results of the Hong Kong “election” and the unfairness of its (S)electoral system.

So how about we let these articles get the ball rolling. :slight_smile:

nytimes.com/2004/09/13/inter … 3hong.html (An excllent read. Accurate, detailed, and well-writtem.)

heraldnews.com/site/news.cfm … =461&rfi=9 (Not as detailed or as well written, but still worth a look.)

channelnewsasia.com/stories/ … 99/1/.html (Profile of a radical leftist candidate who won an upset victory. Longhair Leung is very anti-Beijing, very pro democracy, admires Che Guevara, and has been politically active in a way that virtually everyone here admires. He fights for democracy and for the rights of both the HK working class and the average Hong Konger in general.)

The very idea that 200,000 corporate executives is allowed to choose half the seats is frightening. (Especially given they favour right-wing anti-democracy parties while most citizens favour left-leaning pro-democracy parties.)

Only in Hong Kong can a political alliance win 60 - 65% of the popular vote and still be called the loser.