🇭🇰 Hong Kong | Sponsorship letter still required for travel to HK with job ARC?

Do we still need sponsorship letter (when applying online) for visa even with work permit and ARC in Taiwan?
Or maybe some good suggestions of travel agencies to apply HK visa? I am living in Hsinchu. Taipei’s travel agencies are welcome but Hsinchu ones will be more convenient.
I have Pakistan passport

See this is where you need to provide more information like “What passport do you hold?”

No one can relate or give you any real advise other than “google it” unless you share more information

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Forgot to mention. I have Pakistan passport.
I googled information but could not find it. And called HK office but they were not picking call.

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You say you have work permit and ARC already. I am not understanding, why would you need to go to HK?

For tourism. Just to go for few days to visit.

I doubt anyone here will know. Contact Lion Travel.

Email enquiry@immd.gov.hk

Also FYI it seems that a sponsorship letter is only required if going on a business trip or visiting family. Otherwise they base it off of your personal financial capacity.

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