Hong Kong takes ELT seriously. Whither Taiwan?

If only legislators and government here talked like this…

emb.gov.hk/index.aspx?nodeID … 1&UID=9100

`If only they were able. Being under British influence for a couple of generations has enabled HK to deal effectively with the issue of English language education because they understand and use the language reguarly. Taiwan and other Asian countries did not, so they cannot.

Excepting Cambodia with regards their French language education.

Yes. But then, without flaming, I wonder if the current American President would be able to craft something similar either.

It`s a nice example of a clear speech in the right register, isn’t it? Living in Taiwan you sometimes forget what it’s like to hear English used with that degree of clarity and fluency.

Having resided for the last three years in China, I believe I’ve forgotten what the right register is.

Also I may have been unclear, I didn’t mean the quoted statement as a flame but rather that HK has benifited from British influence(with regards to English language skills) and Taiwan has not had that headstart. Therefore there probably isn’t anyone in the Taiwanese government who posesses the level of understanding of the English language that is evident within the HK government.