Hong Kong tourist visa info please!


Dear Members

I wonder if you could answer a few seemingly easy visa related questions for me.
I am currently living and working in China and hope to return to Taiwan sometime next month.

My query is this: I am led to believe that I will only be granted a 30 day visa, regardless of circumstance, from the Taiwan Rep Office in Hong Kong, and therefore would not have enough time to get the medical and process the resident`s visa once in Taiwan for my new job. If this is the case, can I go to Taiwan for the 30 days, and in which time, have the medical, accumulate all the relevant papers from my employer and have them begin the process on my behalf, then as I near the end of my 30 days, do another visa trip to Hong Kong, obtain an additional 30 days, which will then, hopefully, facilitate the completion of the residency visa process?

Or is it possible to get a 60 days visa from Hong Kong?

Sorry its a bit long-winded

I would be most grateful for any advice.

Many thanks



I think what you’ve guessed is probably right. 30 day visa at Hong Kong, arrive in Taiwan, start your ARC application, back to HK for another 30 day visa then get your ARC.

But there are a couple of other options:

1)Are you going to teach English? Other departments may be quicker (or slower) than the Education department.

  1. Ask for 60 days at Hong Kong and it’s just possible that you’ll get it (not likely but vaguely possible).

  2. Really hurry and you just may get your ARC before you have to go back to Hong Kong. Book a flight to be on the safe side. Go to the hospital (Renai hospital is quick and easy) the day you arrive. Pick up the medical certificate a week later and go to the Ministry of Education the same day. If they manage to process it in 3 weeks, which is just possible and you get it all to the Ministry fo Foreign Affairs in time you’ll be alright. I’m pretty sure that if you give it to Foreign Affairs in time you’re OK (you have to give them your passport too, so you don’t have much choice). If you’re going to cut it really fine, you could also try and get something form the Ministyr of Education to say that your application will be ready soon and go to the Foreign Affairs Police and grovel for a short extension.

I still think you’ll probably have to make the trip to HK, but it’s worth a shot.



Dear Bri

Many thanks for your comprehensive reply, you have really put my mind at rest, I owe you one.

I should mention that I hope to come back as a copy editor this time with the China Post and possibly teach a little in the evening. I was just unsure whether you needed to be in Taiwan whilst the process was being carried out, but from what you say and what I recollect they require photocopies of your passport pages only, so you are free to leave and come back.

Many thanks again