Hong Kong Visa Run - Question concerning "proof of funds"

This is my first post so a big hello to everyone! :slight_smile:

I’ve found Forumosa to be an excellent resource for getting all that crucial information about living it up in Taiwan, wow what a cool place.

However after trawling through the forums for ages I still haven’t an answer to a specific question I have concerning “proof of available funds” for doing a visa run to Hong Kong [What, another Hong Kong visa run question! Are those critters never-ending? I told you we should have never opened that hatch Larry… :no-no: ]

Here’s a quick background to my situation: I’m South African, living in Taipei. Finally got myself a English Teacher job but due to various delays involving authenticating my university degree, my school has be unable yet to apply for my work permit and my 2 month tourist visa is to run out this Wednesday 27th May. So I’m gonna do a visa run to Hong Kong this Tuesday 26th May to get another 1 month tourist visa (Degree will be ready about start of June then my school can apply for work permit —> resident visa —> ARC etc., so 1 month is all I need)

However I’m in a bit of a tricky spot for meeting the “proof of available funds” requirement. For South Africans, one is required to have funds of R20000 (about 72000NT) to apply for 1 month visa. Now I have 80000NT available for this, however it’s all in cash [no, I won’t give you my home address :unamused: ]. I don’t have a bank account yet but my school will be helping me open one this Friday (22nd). So it seems that these are my options for meeting the funds requirement:

A. Bring all that cash to the Hong Kong Visa Office and show it to them [now that could be fun… :smiley: ]

B. Put all the money into my newly opened bank account and have a statement printed out (However the South African visa site says I have to show bank statements of three months so this may be a bit dodgy, can it still be accepted?)

C. Convert the cash into travellers cheques (this is what I used for getting my first visa)

D. The South African visa site says “Proof of available funds for the visit to Taiwan (…or a receipt for foreign exchange purchased)” Now as I mentioned in C, I had all these travelers cheques when I first came into Taiwan and have exchanged all of them, have saved the receipts and the total amount exchanged is over the 72000NT mark. Now could I bring my wad of cash along with these receipts and say this is the money from the exchanges? Will they accept this as proof?

E. I have heard of some people using a credit card. Now I’ve never had a credit card before, so this might be silly but: could I get one from my newly formed bank account in the short time available?

So as far as I am aware these are my current options. I will greatly appreciate it if anyone would offer their advice/experience on what is possible or what is the best option (as in the mostly likely one to get me my visa), or if there’s something I missed.

Oh, and in case this is helpful, the approach I’m going to use is that I have been traveling around Taiwan, seen many cool things, had a great time etc. (all true), and now my visa is to expire but I still haven’t done everything I wanted to (also true) and would like another month to explore Taiwan some more.

Ok, cool, thanks so much everyone!

Get the bank statement, it’s all you need.

What they mean is a statement issued within the last 3 months.