Hooking computer to stereo system

Is it possible? My stereo is stuffed into a little cupboard and I don’t want to haul it out to see if there is an output jack that looks like an earphone jack. Maybe there is a converter I can get?

(Simple terms, please…)

yes, definitely. there should def. be the small round like earphone “audio out” jack, normally you would connect your powered computer speakers to it. you can get a wire at any biggish electronics store that will connect from that to a left/right stereo kind, connect it to the “aux in” and you’re set to go.

unless you want to send music from the stereo to the computer? pretty much the same deal, go from the “tape out” on stereo to “audio in” on computer.

Cool. Thanks. Turns out the wife didn’t want to move the stereo so we went and got one of those amp/speaker packages that plugs into the earphone jack on the computer. I’d love to report that the sound is great but they forgot to put the wire to connect the computer to the amp in the box. Damn!