Hose clamps, or similar, for gas that wont kill me!?

Getting tired of the usual low quality trash here.

Gas tank, installed by the company, they hose clamps failed and our whole place was FILLED with as. I am less pissed off about the money to buy new gas as I am endangering my family if some one walked by smoking sandlot it off!

Beyond my.being furious, I am done with them setting it up, I want something that actually locks the rubber hose onto the makeshit~yet~somehow~legal stove. or a better sollution.

Basically squeeze the absolute fuck, with all my might, to disallow gas leakage again…

this picture, as an example.if whatvteyvsuggested to buy, I broke with a friggen screw driver. not even real.force, just turning. obviously i am not ok to use this, what cna be done for this .situation?

To be fair, i am angry and might not be thinking clearly. but it is dangerous as all god damn phuck! need a proper sollution because we will still be using gas for part of our cooking…

appreciate any suggestions :slight_smile:

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You shut off the valve on the tank when you are not using it. None of these rubber hoses can be counted on holding gas and it WILL leak.

If it’s a natural gas line, this is against code, as they have different fittings that do not leak and can hold gas.

Use this kind of hose if you want it to be leak proof over a period of time.

Otherwise those rubber hose leaks like a sieve over time.

Or these kind

Point is these aren’t held in with hose clamps.


Thanks man. that’s sort if my dismay. trouble is all the stoves come with just this retarded rubber hose “fitting”. the screw on ones I havent seen available. though I have seen the horses, just not the stove sides match to those.

is there a term in mandarin for this (o the stove)?

even if we turn off when done, if it comes.iff mid cook, its dangerous as all fuck. this time triggered me, quite pissed! now winding.down, switching to worried.

Get a new hose clamp then, and don’t overtighten. It shouldn’t come off while cooking.