Hospital visits on expired health card

my last job ended in feb., and i’m currently living in taipei as a student, as i look for new work.
this last week i had bad luck and experienced a few accidents (taxi hit me, etc…)
the only ID i had at the time was my old health insurance card, which was still in my wallet.
so i went to the hospital, showed it to them, they put in in the computer, i saw the doctors, etc. no problems/no questions asked.

i’ve had to go there 2 more times, and face a possible surgery.

my worry is, i know i don’t actually have insurance coverage - how is this going to affect me down the line?

i am not interested in abusing the system, though i admit i panicked at needing to go to the hospital without much money and knowing i had to get x-rays and all…

(i figured any problem would’ve been apparent when they first plugged my card into the computer system…)

if honesty is the best policy, i still need to know my likely scenarios before i tell the hospital about my situation, so i can be prepared.

can i just pay the difference between an insured and uninsured patient?
would there be a fine?

and what to expect with a having likely surgery at full price?

and while i’m asking, any suggestions on the best hospital in taipei (to repair a hernia)?

worried, frustrated, poor, and a little embarrassed…

thanks for any useful advice you can share.

See .

thx for the search tip! now i need advice on the insurance (lack of) matter…

I assume you still have an ARC, right? So just pay your monthly insurance fee. Go the the NHI office (not sure where that is) and pay whatever you owe. As long as you have an ARC, you can have insurance, but you have to pay the premiums.

Not sure what the rates are now. I think about NT$1000 per month. Anyway, definitely cheaper than paying cash for surgery.

i’m on a student visa. i don’t have the ARC card, like when i was working, but i just saw in my passport an ARC number on my visa sticker.
i presume this would work, so i’ll hit the office on monday.
i appreciate your reply.