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I am looking for a local host family in Taibei.

I have stayed with host families in Spanish speaking countries when I was studying languages and had good experiences. Normally, they would provide you with a room to stay plus breakfast.

The family is supposed to talk to you often to practice the local language and make you part of family life.

Is there something similar in Taiwan? I haven’t found anything browsing the web or checking the language schools.

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Anybody has any ideas?

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I think it’s simply easier to marry a chick and then you have all the local contact stuff you want.
Though be warned, she may stop talking to you in the 10th year of marriage… :wink:


You know you are really screwed with your idea if the thread about it only has 6 postings and two of them are from the infrequent comical poster.


One can only hope.


Hi, we are a group committed to finding host families in Taiwan.

So far we have developed many host families, in Kaohsiung, Taichung, Changhua, Tainan and Taipei.

They offer very friendly rent for foreigners who are looking for a cultural stay. Take a look.

Or you can also write down your stay wish here to let landlords or host families find you:

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