Host Lock

This program - whatever it is - has just appeared on my system tray, with a red circle/line through it telling me that it’s not currently active. If I right click I get 3 options:

Start Host Lock
Device Desktop
Uninstall and Exit

I ran MSConfig and found that something called SECUUFD.exe has been added to my startupfolder, and is also listed as a running process by the task manager. The path in the startup folder is very convoluted, and I couldn’t seem to recreate it to actually trace the thing. (Prolly just incompetence on my part.)

It also doesn’t have a program name, and secuufd is not listed at my usual reference - … p_full.php

Using the search function I located a new file in the prefetch folder of the WINDOWS folder. It was created yesterday, and modified two minutes later!

Neither Lavasoft or Trend have found anything wrong, and for the moment I’ve just unchecked it in the startup folder.

Does anyone know what this thing is or where it might have some from?

What’s the best way to uninstall it?

I’m running XP Pro without any virus protection ( :unamused: ) and use Netscape as my browser/mail client. My machine is left on a lot with Kazaa Lite running.

I suggest you post your question here
The forumites there know there stuff.

I googled for SECUUFD.exe and found nothing :? One thing you can do is to rename it to SECUUFD.old or something like that to stop it loading, if it turns out to be neccessary to make some programs work, you can rename it back.

On the other hand. It doesn’t seem to be hiding the way that most dodgy software does, did you try the “uninstall and exit” option

Didn’t try anything except turning it off, until I know what it is. Killing it at birth - in the startup folder - seems to have done the trick for now, and I have a theory I’ll test in a few days.

The gf bought a new memory stick at exactly the same time as this thing appeared. I suspect that it’s something to do with that. She says she didn’t install the driver as it’s not necessary with XP, but remembers that there was ‘something’ on the stick when she first used it. I’ll see if anything happens next time she plugs it in.

Thanks for the thoughts.

Reason #46,193 to get a Mac…

Sounds like it’s a program that allows you to use the USB memory key to encrypt your hard disk. Watch out with that stuff, if you lose the key, you’re sunk.