Hostel Horrors

not a cheerful place to be id say. But ChongKing Mansions in HK (quality varies between establishments there) can be as bad or worse.

Seriously? This guy must be unused to Taiwan. For $10 a night (I assume NT$300) what was he expecting? It’s clean enough, in a good location, has a little bit of privacy, and a locker. Sounds like he’s just 大驚小怪.

I like to splurge and get into the 400-500NT range. It also helps if you don’t pick a hostel that gets a 64% rating as the author admits. I’m guessing that the stench could have been overwhelming though. A lot of people in a small space and everyone taking showers creates a constant rainforest environment.

This place looks clean and well maintained. It is a little cramped, but the only thing I would complain about is the mess the guests seem to have left around.

WTF was he expecting? You’ll pay more and get a lot less in some of the crappier parts of the world (Africa & India especially). But yeah, it would help if the management would insist on keeping the place tidy.

I find it a bit creepy that he went into people’s paid bed areas, taped it, and put it on the internet. The shared bathroom looks pretty clean. Apart from the guy walking round with the camera, I would have stayed there for 10USD/night.

‘Horrors’? The only scary thing is how maladjusted someone is to the backpacking scene to think of that place as a ‘horror’.

I was grateful that when he reached the bathroom mirror, one could see he was NOT naked.