Hot air is coming out of my dehumidifier

This large dehumidifier seems to be making my room very hot. Hotter than outside in summer.

Is there any large dehumidifier that does not emit hot air?

That’s how a dehumidifier works. The energy it uses is converted into heat. If you want to dehumidify your apartment without heating it up, you need to use the AC.


Not entirely. The dehumidifier works by passing air over a cooled surface, this causes moisture in the air to condense and run down to the catch tray. In order to provide the cooled surface the dehumidifier runs a refrigerant cycle, the heat energy removed from that cooled surface along with the heat from the fan motor, compressor motor etc. all needs to be vented, hence the hot air. Your AC is able to vent that hot air outside.


Just be happy your air is dry and prevents molding.

So it will be great if there is a dehumidifier which cools down the air before it emits the air. Ever heard of such a thing?


It’s called an air-conditioner on dehumidify function.

It removes moisture from the air without making the room hot or cold.

Removal of the humidity, makes the room feel cooler though.


An air-conditioner! With the dehumidifier function enabled it will cool the air slightly as it needs to in order to condense moisture in the air, with the cooling function enabled it will cool and dehumidify.

A desiccant dehumidifier would not put out heat most of the time, would be a lot quieter but would use about twice as much electricity. Given most of Taiwan is warm to hot most of the time they’re rarely used here so not as available.

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A Dehumidifier is an AC unit with both heating and cooling coil inside. It always heat up the air because it adds energy to the air, that’s just how thermodynamics work.

If you want a dehumidifier that blows cold air then you need an AC unit. Where the hot air from the AC is blown outside and not inside. The hot air is always more than the cold air because of the electricity used to make it work. A more efficient dehumidifier would blow less hot air but it will still blow hot air.

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My AC on dehumidifying gets the room pretty damn cold
A ton of salt will regulate humidity in a room.

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