Hot Long Time Reggae Party (5.10) @ Revolver

2013年5月10日(星期五) 晚上10點至凌晨4點
Revolver 左輪手槍

你知道當台灣天氣愈來愈熱意味著什麼嗎?代表又是該隨著island music舞動你的身軀的時候了!

台 灣特有的雷鬼音樂團體區式兄弟及Black Reign即將於2013年5月10日這天在Revolver上演大集合戲碼,帶來最受大家喜愛的雷鬼、舞廳及Caribbean等音樂。DJ Fyah B、DJ Lion以及DJ Taili必會讓2樓High到讓您拿著毛巾在空中不停地揮舞轉動。

這將會是一場驚人的派對,但你/妳以為這晚只 有這樣而已嗎?我們在Revolver的一樓安排了台灣Vinyl Club的主DJ Doppler,他準備了一整套的Tropical Music讓一樓的夜晚也不孤單。最後,音樂唱盤魔術師DJ Marcu$ Aureliu$將會為大家帶來一連串的Funk、Hip-Hop、靈魂、House及Trap等多種不同的音樂,讓你/妳們耳朵發麻狂舞到不想離開!

隔了這麼長一段的時間你/妳去了多少場像這次一樣棒的派對?大家一起來~爸爸告訴媽媽、媽媽告訴兒子、哥哥告訴妹妹、弟弟告訴姐姐、小朋友告訴大朋友… 讓我們一同來熱舞狂歡到天明吧!

Friday May 10, 2013 (10pm-4am)


Number 1 Roosevelt Road Section 1

NT$300 entrance fee (downstairs) which includes a drink
The weather is getting warm and you know what that means? It’s time to start grooving to some of that island music. On May 10, 2013 join Taiwan’s own reggae sound system, The O-Brothas/Black Reign will be reuniting as they jump back on the scene and play some of that reggae, dancehall, and Caribbean music that you love so much. Three DJs (Fyah B, Lion, and Taili) will be making the second floor so hot that you’ll surly need to being a towel and wave it around in the air.

That would be an amazing party in itself, but there’s more on the first floor. The head of Taiwan’s Vinyl Club, DJ Doppler, will be playing a full set of tropical music on vinyl. Finally, the turntable magician, DJ Marcu$ Aureliu$, will be playing a long set of everything that makes ears tingle including all of the above genres plus funk, hip-hop, soul, house, trap and more. If you’ve been around when Aureliu$ plays until the end of the night, then you know you don’t want to leave.

It’s been a HOT LONG TIME since something this good has happened. Make sure you tell your friends.

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One last bump for Friday night. come on down and get your dutty wine on