Hot pot discrimination in Taipei

OK boomer.


More like millennial, but whatever.

I think the Japanese regularly forbid foreigners from stinking up certain establishments.

I’ll only get upset if this becomes a trend and I can’t eat at any of my usual spots until the plague is over :frowning:

Thats what he would say


Don’t they have a 10% foreigner tax at some restaurants?

Hardcore if true.

You need to wash before hitting the tub!

You could probably get away with passing though, right? Just say you have Dutch DNA from 10 generations back.

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Id like to see that angry foreigner who thinks he’s Taiwanese and lives up in the mountains go into that hot pot establishment.


Probably too fancy for him. Good thing I can’t stand hot pot, or I’d be legit pissed about this story myself.


With a mask on and sounding as local as I do I could probably get past some less observant people. But I wonder if they’d actually throw me out once they realize I’m not as local as I seem.


Just wait till you’ve finished your hot pot and done a bunch of sneezing and coughing to do the big reveal.

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It’s a bad time to be Caucasian Taiwanese.

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It’s not @keoni. It’s @ kman

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I just hope they don’t start targeting the local albinos. Things could get ugly.

I hope they ID people at the door! I don’t want those sneaky ABTs who haven’t naturalized, eating at that restaurant with REAL Taiwanese people.


The worst thing is that it’s not us bringing the virus, but the local Taiwanese coming back from their travels.


Listen buddy! I know my stuff, I browse PTT. The Taiwanese government has this completely under control and it’s foreigner nationals and ABTs (without TW ID) who are the problem. Taiwan is completely safe and you can travel around and do whatever, no worries, no need to take any precautions because the government says Taiwan’s all good. Just don’t travel overseas and stay away from foreigners (especially south East Asians).


I knew this one was going to piss @marco off.