Hot sauce, do I need to stock up?

Seems Shortage overseas, I wonder should I stock up if local shops and restaurants can not get it like Tabasco or others, anyone notice this?


Unless you’re in the US, the root cause for these issues seems not to affect you: US logistics, specifically shortage of drivers.

There are numerous local taiwanese hot sauces available. Maybe slightly under a million times better than tobasco brand…


Keeping stock is a good practice.
Do it.

True that. I tried tabasco once and thought, WTF is this stuff? It appears to be mostly vinegar and perhaps some sort of chemically-extracted chili essence. I can do better myself without even trying. And yeah, Taiwan has a pretty good selection of chili-based condiments (although surprisingly a less-than-good selection of chilis in the supermarkets).


Yup, exactly.

Sauces preserve chili so contract farming is possible because the farmer has a prearranged sale. Supermarkets cant justify a niche market chili selling to people who have never used them before. And farmers wont spend so much time and money producing something that will be returned and not paid for…it is a pity, but logical.

Plenty of this around. Will never run out in Asia.



I don’t understand why it’s hard to get drivers. They get paid twice a normal job and have all that freedom.

Where is this from, I did not see it much in South.

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And is it low in sugar? I try to avoid anything with added sugar.

It’s from California.


You can find it in amart and rt mart

Taiwan hot sauces are abysmally bad and not even a little hot. They also rarely go well with any non-Asian style food. I take a collection with me back to Taiwan every time I go back. Definitely stock up from the US.

I respectfully, but passionately, disagree.

Tobasco and siracha are garbage sauces that are really just want minor step up from mcdonalds condiments.

Here are examples of sauces we buy and love. Each of these we find fantastic, treid and tested with many many friends and acquaintances. I google searched their names, not sure if these are their main websites, but anyway, you get there.

Empress hot sauce

Macho Sauce

Anitas hot sauce

There are numerous others i see advertised all over the web here, but these 3 we keep stocked.

And i dont want to hear the scape goat excuse that these are foreigners thats why they are good. They are all in taiwan and all have taiwanese partners. Gotta nip that one in the bud before it inevitably is mentioned haha. All have a range of spicy, but all have some pretty fucking spicy liquid heat!

While we are at it, gonna nip the price complaints in the butt as well. If you want cheaper sauce, buy any of these and add vinegar, water, salt and tomato sauce and you can have a sauce as cheap as tobasco and still better tasting haha.


A Chinese Vietnamese immigrant to California USA created SriRacha hot sauce.

Picked this up at Carrefour.

It’s kinda like people who drinks Coca Cola and Pepsi and swears they are the best, even though other countries have subjectively better drinks.

It’s all based on individual tastes.

Any American who grows up on Tobasco sauce and mcdonalds will find anything else disgusting.


Those are not even remotely spicy for me, and I agree they are garbage. If I’m going online to get sauces, maybe I’ll try some of the foreign ones you recommend, but I’ve never found a spicy sauce that tastes good in Taiwan that wasn’t foreign, and even those are exceedingly rare. But this makes sense as it seems Taiwanese don’t or can’t eat spicy food.

True. but yummy and good are different. Good means a lot more than taste such as doesnt pollute as much, healthier, supports workers etc. Mcdonalds is a net negative as far as value vs cost when taking the environment into account. Production, workers rights overseas, logistics etc.

For a sauce that doesn’t suck in Taiwan and that has actual heat, I get a pretty good one from Burger Talks.

淘客鬼椒醬 Signature World’s Hottest Ghost Peppers

鬼椒,產自印度東北阿薩姆幫,絕無添加任何化學香料及防腐劑。一罐。 Ghost pepper, from Uttarapatha Assam, without any chemical and preservative.



I also like Anitas (is that the one from Taitung)

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