Hot spots for local chicks!

Hi, Expats and local guys.

Would you share with me the hot spots to pick up local chicks?

Kiss Club? @live? any bars?

Internet Cafe? on the street?

If you are an expat, “business-executive” type of guy -> ZIGA-ZAGA (in Hyatt)

If you are a white guy, (even without loads of moolah) -> TU JAZZ BAR (on Fuxing South Road)

If you’re an ABC -> ROOM 18 (Warner Village)

If you’re a local “yuppie” -> JULIANA’S CAFE on Civil Blvd (near Dunhua N. Road)

If you have no money whether white or non-white -> 45 or SPIN on Heping East Road. :slight_smile:

So far I’ve come up with…

B1 ($500 all you can drink)

Ploughman Inn (live filipino music)


45 & roxy99 & spin

Saloon & Room 17 & Fresh

– Is that a decent list?

Well, I just came back from Taiwan.

Roxy99 was pretty good… just a big bar and dancing everywhere… hard to move around… not bad.

Spin was cool… good DJ

45 was good… nice bar there…

Fresh… don’t go there… its a gay bar. Who knows maybe you can meet the ‘hip’ girls… no clue.

Carnegies looked good.

The rest of the time I bounced around in the ZONE with the Filipinas and such… not bad.

All in all… I think I hit alot of places… back to Seoul… I think Seoul bars are alot better… but the city is 4 times bigger… so naturally you’d quadruple the places to go and such… but I had fun in Taipei nontheless… always feels good to explore a new and different scene.

I probably missed out on some really good ones out there however as well…

You certainly did miss a few places… by the sounds you went to all the standard meat markets places… hope you found what you are looking for? Just remember pencilin cures all… well, almost all :wink: