Hot springs in Kaohsiung

Hi all, I am new in Kaohsiung. I wonder where the nice hot springs are, I’d appreciate if you let me know.


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To my knowledge, there are no hot springs in Kaohsiung. The closest ones are in Maolin, or Sandimen. That’s about 1 to 2 hours north east of Kaohsiung in the countryside. There are also fresh water streams where you can swim in that area.

It’s georgous down there at this time of year. Well worth the trip.


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Any idea how to get there?

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I know how to get there, but it would be a bit hard to explain. In fact, it’s quite hard to find the first time. You’ll need a map (they sell them at 7-11 but they might be in Chinese), and you’ll need to be ready to ask for directions. Once you find your way to Maolin or Sandimen, stop at an info center and get a map of the local tourists spots. Many hot springs will be on the map.


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You’re welcome. You may be able to find an English map at a bookstore, and the tourist maps for the Maolin area are bilingual.

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He might also try a guidebook. :laughing:

Maolin is gorgeous but the hot springs are not great. They used to have them flow into little stone pools by the river but they changed this to several large cement pools. Really ugly.

The nicest springs around you are on the South Cross Island Hwy at Paolai (Baolai). Some wonderful places up in the hills overlooking completely undeveloped valleys. Dec-Jan is a great time when the plum blossoms are blooming and the sweet scent of the flowers fills the air.

Of course if you are adventurous you can get down to the completely natural Lisong Hot Springs an hour’s hike down from the highway.

The closest springs to you are probably Sichongshi near Kenting. The area is a bit overdeveloped but the springs are good. Most people would go to Kenting first then rent a scooter. It’s an easy drive, less than an hour.

Just in case you don’t get the joke, bunal, Mucha Man is actually a writer for The Lonely Planet travel guide, and he wrote the Taiwan edition. Him and other writers, I think. :laughing:


Don’t forget to have some partridges if you go to Sandimen. Very tasty. If you go with a woman she’ll perhaps enjoy shopping for glass beads and maybe making some herself.

Liu Gui (sp?) is nice too. In fact that whole valley is quite pretty.

The partidge / pheasant is excellent.

[quote=“Elegua”]Liu Gui (sp?) is nice too. In fact that whole valley is quite pretty.

The partidge / pheasant is excellent.[/quote]

Yes, but watch out for the tsutsugamuchi.

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Maolin gets my vote! Back before life got too busy I spent many a happy weekend there…