Hotel buffet


Just curious about everyone’s idea on good buffets in Taipei hotels. We usually go to the Hyatt over by World Trade Center for our wedding anniversary. But what about the other hotels? On previous posts some said Grand Formosa on Zhong Shan and Howard Plaza are not that good. Anyone have some suggestions or opinions about these and other hotel buffets? Prefer Western style buffet. I went this week with some Taiwanese friends to Golden China 2nd floor (Song Jiang Rd) which was European style. I would rate fair at best. Not much European, more Japanese. No English signs for what the food was. Salad had iceburg lettuce and not much variety. Again your opinions.


Far Eastern is good, huge spread. Since it’s near my office we go there for lunch occasionally… when the boss is paying :laughing: … fareastern


We like the one in the Sheraton. Not cheap either, but the value is good.


My wife’s family likes the Howard Plaza and I think it’s pretty good. The Caesar Hotel across from Taipei Train Station is also good. Having as much or more Japanese style as European/Western is pretty normal.


I like the Far Eastern too. :thumbsup:

Used to work across the street and was always happy when the boss or someone trying to woo us would treat me to their buffet.

Working in Neihu now we go to something called InBase. At least I think that’s what it’s called. Over near Carrefour and Costco. Not bad either.


I vote for the Caesar is pretty good. Only one I’ve been to, though.


If you like really rich food, you could try the Warren Buffet.


Please: his name is spelled Buffett.


Sadly, not one hotel seem to offer nice extended Sunday afternoon Champagne buffets like many, if not most, hotels in other large cities in Asia… This too me as always been one of many indicators of the lack of availability, and seclusion, in and of Taiwan.


Bumping this: what do people recommend for the different higher-end buffets around town, whether in hotels or elsewhere?

Mother’s Day is coming up, and apparently this year it’s the turn of my wife and I (i.e. my wallet!) to take the in-laws out for dinner. Their current favorite buffet restaurant is the 6th floor of ATT4Fun - Eat Together seems to be the English name, 饗食天堂 the Chinese name. The plan is to go there again, unless I can think of a better buffet option. Last time we were there, the third time, I was disappointed, partly because of boredom, partly because the more I cook, the pickier I become at restaurants. I wound up eating a lot of sushi and a lot of desserts.

So, as usual I’m going to offload the cognitive work. Does the Forumosa hive mind have other good alternatives? I know there’s a buffet restaurant up in the Tianmu Sogo, but I don’t know about the quality there. I’ve heard that W Hotel is good, but I don’t know where I got that impression from. Nor am I clear if there are differences between the hotel-based restaurants and the independent restaurants.

Hungry Girl’s most recent post tagged with buffet is from 2008, so sadly there’s not much information over there. Trip Advisor’s got a list of top buffet restaurants in Taipei but it’s sort of a weird list.

Specifics for our case: we’re not going on Mother’s Day itself, thank goodness, but rather on some random weekend in May. And a buffet is definitely what the family wants. I’m not sure what the prices are like - I have a vague impression food is around 1,000 per person at these places, but I’m not sure how much that varies.

EDIT: a couple of the in-laws pretty much only eat Chinese cuisine, so Western or Japanese options at the buffet are good for us, but exclusively Japanese or Western is probably a no-go.


Take her parents to Pizza hunt and paint it as a cultural learning experience for them to try western food. That or Macdonalds. They are probably sick of eating rice and noodles. Watch their faces light up when you dump a 12 incher in front of them.

Your wallet will thank you.


Sheraton is ok, but it can be loud and hectic, and and thus the atmosphere is not as relaxed. The Courtyard at Nangang Station is pretty good; they have a few western dishes along side the traditional Asian fare. The restaurant and atmosphere is a bit nicer in my opinion than the Sheraton, and you can sit outside weather permitting.


I really like the W buffet. It’s possibly a bit smaller than others, but it’s top quality stuff and very good value for money (about NT$1100). You will pay more than that in most Taipei hotels, typically 1200-1600 (cheaper down South, but I assume that’s not an option).

If you really want to push the boat out the Hyatt is very good, but around NT1450 I think.

All of the hotel buffets tend to slant heavily towards international cuisine. The “Chinese” options are quite limited. If local flavours are what you want, the 饗食天堂 is probably your best bet (certainly the cheapest).


The W has a solid buffet, but no mashed potatoes and gravy. The wagyu beef was pretty bomb, but the lobster was overcooked. They have a lot of choices and I’m not sure if it rotates or not, but it was a good buffet and not crazy expensive.


Tried the Okura Prestige Hotel for the evening buffet. Fantastic. Definitely way above another level the best quality and best prepared buffet food, meat, fish, I’ve had in Taiwan above Hyatt, W, Westin, Palais de Chine, Shangri-la, Regent, Sheraton. And one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Taiwan. Included all you can drink wines. Not cheap but second guest is half price.