Hotel in Taipei without a passport?

So I’ve been in Kaohsiung for around 3 weeks now, and I’m thinking about travelling to Taipei for a weekend with my friend to check out the city and to vote in the Australian federal election. Yes, I know I can just not vote, but it’s a good enough excuse for me to go to Taipei.

Problem is neither of us have passports at the moment while we get our Resident Visas (which we had to paid 3000NT for, when they could’ve just given us the Resident Visa in Australia… :unamused: ). Does anyone know of anywhere (hostel, hotel, motel or whatever) where you don’t need a passport to stay? Not sure how it works here, but in most other countries I’ve been to I’ve always needed my passport to stay overnight.

Failing that, does anyone know of any soft grass or nice bus stations around Taipei?

Just take some other photo id, and the details of your passport. You’ll be fine.

To travel by air though you would need your passport, so take the bus or train.

Cool. Thanks, smithsgj.

(yay. I’m going to Taipei!)

Can you vote without your passport?

A photocopy of your passport page is always handy.

theres also hotels where u don’t need any ID at all…just take a key, pay when u leave

Can highly recommend a nice hotel next to our Pub.
You can get a great room for about 2000 a night if you mention you are Michel’s friend and they would then also not bother about your passport.

I did today…

yeah, I voted and got a room (actually two different rooms) and everything without a passport. I had a photocopy with me but I didn’t need it.

The first place I stayed at had all of the details and stuff on their forms for nationality, passport no. etc. I just said “meiyou huzhao” and she just instructed me to fill in my name and that was it. ha.

Didn’t realise it was going to be so easy. I guess money talks.

btw, Taipei>Kaohsiung