Hotel recommendations?

Hi! My boyfriend and I are going to be in Taiwan shortly. We are arriving in Taipei on April 17th around 10p.m. Would you all recommend that we find a hotel out by the airport for that first night, or go ahead and hoof it into Taipei?

Either way, can someone recommend a hotel out by CKS Airport? Lonely Planet seems to have missed that part of the island, and everthing I’ve found online is over $100 a night. Any suggestions?

One little thing - we are bringing our cats with us, so clearing customs with the cats is probably going to be something of a nightmare, and may take a while. That’s why I want to have a hotel lined up, so I don’t have to think about it at 1:00 in the morning in a foreign land, where I can’t speak the language, let alone read it! Not yet, anyways!

If you do recommend heading in to Taipei that night, any recommendations for a hotel there? We probably would want to be near the train station, as we will be heading down to Taichung the next day. Provided all goes well with the cats that is. We have requested that they be sent to quarantine in Taichung, but we’re not quite sure that has been communicated effectively. We’re working on it.



Dont even bother with Taipei. Stay at the Evergreen Airport Hotel and then bus it direct from CKS Airport to Taichung the next day.

Address : Terminal C. K. S. Int’l Airport, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Tel : 886 (3) 383-4510 ;Fax: 886 (3) 383-4610; e-mail:

Thanks 3q! I’ll email them right now. I forgot to mention that we have to stop in Taipei to meet up with a relative who is there on business for a couple days. Otherwise we would just skip it. No offense to Taipei!


Or you can take the bus into town. If you really want to a good cheap friendly place to stay try World Scholar House.