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We are finally trying to plan a five day trip to Hualien as we are fully vaccinated and feel with situation in Taiwan it will be safe for us. The information on Hualien hotels on this site are quite some time ago. Does anyone recommend a hotel in Hualien? Money is not the problem. Willing to pay the extra. Five stars is good. Have read some reviews online but just wanted to know if anyone on Foromosa has any recent recommendations? Looking for something with more of a Western style restaurant in the hotel if possible.

Who’s we? A family with kids and do you want family activities included in the hotel or is it a couple having fun or something else?

Hualien mountain views are much more beautiful than the ocean view. Try to get room high up clear view of mountains. -

Qixingtan area has a special view of ocean, mountains, clouds, all at one time, but not a lot of rooms with a view. Also have opportunities to watch fighter airplanes departing and arriving.

Location is important to me so I like to stay Central and all these are not Central but they’re all good

Kadda Hotel 璽賓行旅/花蓮海景飯店

Parkview Hotel Hualien

Farglory Hotel Hualien

Bayview B&B

Fullon Hotel Hualien


The nicest one is probably the Silks in the Taroko, but only the newly renovated executive floor.

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Who’s we? A family with kids and do you want family activities included in the hotel or is it a couple having fun or something else?

Just a married couple

Thanks for the recommendations. Have your stayed at any of these hotels? We prefer being closer to city for easier access to restaurants.
Kadda Hotel looks good

Second this. Well worth the trip.

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I only listed a few of the hotels that I’ve stayed at as suggestions from your question about 5 stars and food.

Finding good food in hotels, even nice hotels, it’s mostly still going to be the same Taiwan food maybe a niceer style. I’ve tried many. Kadda has good western food available and is kind of trendy hotel.

Rather than staying at the nicer hotels, I usually stay at a good hotel but within walking distance of most things.

Silks is liked if want to stay in Taroko. I dont like the food or vibe but consider a room with view of stream if possible where you can hear the water outside your window that I did like.

Big and “luxurious” hotels tend to be catering to tour buses and families.

What hotels did you pick? How were they?

I had lunch at Kadda.

We will be staying at Kadda next week. Thanks

Kadda Hotel.

Trendy, nice food, chill lobby, basement parking, nice 7-Eleven across the street with a bar, 24 hour laundry across the street, behind is the ocean and path, public gym nearby, good Japanese curry restaurant in traditional structure a block away, western breakfast at Country Mother’s.

Kadda hotel lication is good as tango mentions. Also not too far ftom the huge night market…could walk…about 15 minutes straight shot. If you like walking or biking there is the very long path nearby…was there last week walking an hour and only covered part of the path which also has sub paths into town.

I came here to say this, so I guess I’ll be third. If money is no object, that’s where you want to be.

Thanks for the suggestion. Since we wanted to stay in the center of Hualien and near ocean we chose Kadda.

Fair enough. I don’t find that Hualien has much to offer in terms of city and beach relative to other places in Taiwan, though. It’s all about the mountains/gorge for me there.

Has anyone stayed at the new Lakeshore Taroko hotel? Lakeshore Hotel Hualien Taroko in Hualien - Book a hotel Closer to the coast but looks like a decent hotel.

Yes, I just stayed there 2 weeks ago. Really nice, clean and new. The oceanview was absolutely amazing. Nice pool with daybeds, even though not enough of them in my opinion because they will all be occupied for hours by tw girls taking pics for their IG. Of course have to wear that annoying bath cap which I can not accept at a 5 star hotel but anyway…
Breakfast buffet was great. Dinner only had Chinese options but was very delicious. Service was nice and helpful.

The hotel is perfect if a visit into Taroko Gorge is planned since there is nothing really around the hotel.

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The bed and breakfast deal at 4400 a night looks attractive. Only one person, though.

thanks for the suggestions on hotels. Ended up staying at Kadda Hotel. Had a nice large room. Did not use their restaurant. Went to place called Salt Lick few times. Good pizza. Also Country Mother for pancakes. Room very comfortable. Very convenient for what we wanted to do. Had been driving out of Taipei for almost two years. (We rented a car)


The old Astor has faded glory, and my father-in-law did the giant aborginal wood carvings (my wife spent her girlhood there).