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Curious about the pool like does the pool face the south, does it receive any direct sunlight to get suntan, can you see sunset from pool, is there a poolside bar and can you order food…???

And which hotel of the two that share the same pool has the better gym?

I think it faces NW. There’s a poolside bar on the Caesar side but it wasn’t open the nights I was there. Could have been weather related though. Can’t remember if there’s a bar on the Hilton side too or they share the one. I had a couple 7-11 beers under my chair right next to the lifeguard and she didn’t seem to care. I don’t remember having to wear a swim cap either.

Haha that pool looks so nice…

…until you see it with all the people in it.

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Stayed this over the weekend. Overall not a bad hotel. I would give it 3.5 or 4 out of 5. My two biggest complaints are the line for check in and the food in the executive lounge was not kept that warm.

We arrived around 15:30 for check in we were 4th in line and had to wait around 20 minutes. By the time we finished there were at least 20 people waiting. They had 3 staff checking people in. Sadly no free upgrade.

The room was great and comfortable. I stayed in the deluxe suite. The view was not the best, but it was okay. The bed was super comfortable, but the mini bar fridge didn’t keep things that cold.

Executive lounge had all you can eat light dinner, breakfast, and snacks. For dinner their special dish was beef noodle soup and for breakfast it was made to order eggs. They had a variety of food such as cold cut meats, steam buns, bread, fried rice, bacon, and chicken sausage. As I said earlier the food wasn’t kept that hot. They were about lukewarm. The lounge wasn’t that busy either.

The pool was did have decent views.About the same number of people in it as in Tango’s last picture. There was one bar, but I didn’t go to it. I didn’t use them gym, but did have a quick look in it. It looked well equipped.

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I’d forgotten about the check in. It is painfully slow to the point of “Is this for real?”.

The bed was amazing on the Caesar side too. It was so comfortable I even made a point of checking what kind it was - a Serta.

Not sure if the Hilton took over half of the Caesar but I don’t remember it being a Hilton before. So decent chance the beds are the same.

That sounds like the same name as the one in the Hilton. The wife mentioned it once this morning and that it was an American company. Next time I need a new mattress I will definitely look at that brand instead of some cheap one like I did a couple years ago. Though I am sure it will cost a pretty penny.

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If you’re a frequent traveler, I’ve found the Hilton membership the best and it’s now going to be even better. The best is I use my Amex card for points and then more points with the Hilton points to my Hilton account.


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Internationally yes but they are unfortunately minimally represented in Taiwan. I think only in Taipei and New Taipei maybe?

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The gold status with amex platinum is one of the best perks as it gives you complimentary breakfast (at least outside of the US). Way better than the Marriott and Radisson statuses

Marriott seems to have the most locations in Asia

I wish Hilton, Hyatt and others could get more locations

I’m going for this combo: Chase Ritz Carlton + Chase Boundless + Amex Bonvoy Brilliant + Amex Bonvoy Business

This gets you:

  • Free platinum elite status
  • Free breakfast, lounge access, 4pm late checkout, room upgrades
  • Each year: 2x 85k awards, 2x 35k award (if you value each point at 0.8, this is worth $1,920)
  • $300 annual travel credit
  • $300 annual dining credit
  • Total annual fee for all cards is $1,320
  • Total benefit if you are using them all and asking for suite upgrades is easily triple

600 lifetime nights + 10 years at platinum gets you lifetime platinum, and this combo gives you around 40 free nights a year since the business and non-business cards stack the free nights. So you’re well on your way to earning lifetime platinum just by not doing anything and spending the free annual rewards.

There’s some guides that help you get suite upgrades with platinum elite status: “Suite-Talking”: How to Get Amazing Hotel Suite Upgrades | Prince of Travel

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