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It is opening next year. The news reports say it’s opening next year in “Xinban”???

Where is the new Hilton?

The old Hilton is now Caesar park across from Taipei main train station.

In the Xinban district!

In answer to your next question the Xinban district is in Banqiao, http://tour.ntpc.gov.tw/en-us/Attraction/Detail?wnd_id=94&id=400316

Well we have that almost cleared up.

In Banciao near the train station. Maybe they mean Xinban Road (Hsinchuang - Banciao Road).

I thought it was something along the lines of New Banciao.

Ant interesting anecdoted from the ol Hilton by the old timers? 2002 does not seem that long ago, how does time fly so fast…

Nope, it’s the Xinban District centered near the MEGA city apparently! Also centered on XinZhan road just to cause further confusion. http://tour.ntpc.gov.tw/en-us/Attraction/Detail?wnd_id=94&id=400316

I’ve never heard of a “Xinban District” in New Taipei City. It’s not on any of my maps.

Has anyone stayed at this hotel? I was looking at it on booking .com and they say the Deluxe and premium king suite have a private pool. I can’t find anything about that on Hilton’s website, so I was wondering if that was true.

Also comparing it to Caesar Park Banqiao, and Humble House in Taipei which is better? I know Humble House has a view of 101.

I have not stayed at this property. But the location in Banqiao—adjacent to Mega City and Banqiao Station—is excellent, with lots of shopping and eating and transport options nearby.


I actually live not too far from it and visit the area all the time. I’m just looking to get a nice hotel this weekend with the wife. I can’t go too far away as I have to work Saturday and Sunday morning.

Seems every room option has a “private pool” so I’m guessing that’s just the rooftop pool (which is nice). I’ve stayed at the Caesar, which shares the same building, and they gave me a free upgrade to a suite. Always ask!

I’ve never stayed at the Humble House but if you can handle the extra commute I’m guessing it would seem like a bit more of an “exotic” staycation.

Ah, I didn’t even notice they all said that. I was just reading the short description below the name.

The Caesar was my original choice, but they said they didn’t have any Prestige rooms available and a suite was a little above my budget when I called. It’s good to know they sometimes do free upgrades though. Did you eat their breakfast or at any of their restaurants when you stayed? If so, How was it?

I just smile and say “你可以給我好一點的房間嗎?” every time and it works quite a bit.

I didn’t eat there. The Booking price was super cheap…something like 2,800 nt but didn’t include breakfast. Went to the 50th-floor buffet in the Mega building for dinner and that was pretty good. All you can drink beer!

I’ve had the Humble House buffet and it was good but best to confirm they still offer it as I think some places have used Covid as an excuse to stop buffets.

If you stay two nights the Grand Hyatt seems to be about the same price as Humble House at the moment. Another decent option is the Miramar Garden as you can often find deals under 3k and they also have an outdoor pool.

I stayed there a couple of weeks ago. If you pay for an executive suite you can use the executive lounge where you get free booze and snacks between 5.30 and 7.30pm. The pool is shared with the Caesar Hotel so was a bit busy when I stayed there.

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Would you say the executive lounge is worth it? The free booze part sounds nice. That kind of sucks the pool is shared, but it’s understandable since it is a shared building.

The snacks were great. Smoked salmon, seared tuna kind of stuff. They provide a bar with bottles of every spirit and instructions on how to make cocktails. Beer and wine.

I enjoyed it. The outside terrace is lovely.

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Awesome, guess I’ll be booking that one. Thanks for info.

As a Hilton member in their stay scheme we got use of the lounge free. It was very nice with good English speaking staff. As mentioned the pool is on the roof and shared by the two hotels. I found it small and with too many kids and people, not a good time for this.

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Sometimes you get a bunch of kids and sometimes you get instagram models doing bikini shoots in front of the view…