Hotery Hot Spot Pocket Torch (case that converts Bic lighter into mini torch)

A friend showed me this case into which you insert a Bic lighter and convert it into a pocket torch. She bought it for NT$ 100 but can’t seem to recall where. Here is a picture of it on Amazon, where it is retailing for 4x this cost.

Anyone know where I could buy this in Taipei? I’d buy 10 because they make nice cheap gifts for my buddies at home.

I did not notice if they sold the the exact item you were looking for, but I saw a store selling similar items for converting lighters into torches. It’s about a 5-10 minutes walk from Taipei 101.

It’s on the corner of Zhuangjing Road and Lane 325 Zhuangjing Road. Close to Taipei Medical University Hospital. From Taipei 101 walk south, on SongZhi Road. SongZhi turns into Lane 325 Zhuangjing Road. Keep walkng on Lane 325 Zhuangjing Road and you should see one of multi-item stores with a sign with green background and yellow writing and the words “DIY” in the title (use google maps and you should see it). If you cross Wuxing street or Wuxing square, then you’ve gone too far.

They have it in many little stores in Linkou street night market.