Hotmail inbox oddities

Question 1:

Why does Hotmail sometimes tell me I have 1 message in my inbox when I don’t? Sometimes if I check the junk mail box then go back to the inbox the 1 message will appear (usually spam I believe, but aren’t they all), but sometimes it doesn’t. If there really is 1 message it is apparently lurking somewhere.

Question 2:

Why have I been corresponding with my brother for years through my Hotmail account and then I will discover 1 out of 100 messages from him (as far as I know) has been filtered out to the junkmail box rather than the inbox? And, no, he wasn’t forwarding me anything and his subject line wasn’t “Naked sluts wants to give you mortgage loans” or anything like that.

Just curious.

Nothing like this ever happened to me. I used hotmail as one of my junk email addy when I register for things on-line. I still do used filter to separate my regular emails from junk mails.

If the problem still exist, I would sugg. you to create another email addy or use Yahoo, since it is free as well.

My office has problems receiving e-mail from Hotmail accounts also. I switched my Hotmail account to a Yahoo one last year after Hotmail suspended the POP account message collection for some countries, including Taiwan. The Yahoo address book manager is also far better as you can easily upload all your contacts from common e-mail packages.

In addition to the above reasons, I’ve heard that Hotmail is especially vulnerable to spam for some reason, but I’ve got a cool Hotmail address and would have to notify everyone of a new address so I’ve been reluctant to change it, but. . .

It’s probably got to do with a word he used in the subject that caused the 1 in a 100 to be filtered to your spam box.

Check your filter.

Hotmail’s interesting in what gets filtered. I got tired of all the porn crap I kept getting so I decided to changed my age to 14 hoping that it would get filtered out because of ‘my’ age. I had to open a second account and use my credit card to grant myself parental consent to use my first one. In some parallel universe, this would make sense. Now, I am registered as being a minor, and I still get porn. I had been meaning to get a second account account anyway and now only a small handful of people know it. I only use my main one for mailing lists, and anything that requires an e-mail address for registration when I am too lazy to get a sneakemail address for it.

Yes, Hotmail is odd in some ways. I uploaded my address book to hotmail once, but then the function disappeared.

I think this is standard Microsoft policy. Buy a perfectly good website/product, like hotmail, listbot, etc., then gradually remove the functionality until it is borderline useful, before killing it in favor of an inhouse product, which you can make money from by the bucketload.

Or develop a product for free, put your competition out of business, then follow the same pattern.