House Auctions in Taiwan

Are there any House auctions happening in Taiwan?? In my country, banks usually will conduct auction for Homes (for eg: foreclosure).

How to find that in Taiwan?

They’re usually advertised on 591. It’s cash only.


Sites on house auction.

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Thank you.

Thank you. I wasn’t able to find it in, ugh my Chinese is so bad. Could you please help me to get the exact link? Thank you.

Far as I know, once you win the auction, you need to pay up, so you have to have ample cash. Of course you can use loan, but I believe it is not that easy to apply one for a foreigner. 法拍 brokers are altogether different from such realtors as 永慶 and 信義. You may be able to find some help for an English speaker if you want to rent or buy, but I really don’t know if any of those 法拍 brokers who is doing business for people who don’t speak Chinese. There are different rules for 法拍 than ordinary real estate transactions.

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Thank you for the info.