House Hunters International TV Show

Found this episode of House Hunters International featuring a guy named Matt who says much of the show was made up … e-so-what/ I plan to watch it tonight but here is the link for anyone that cares to watch it. … 6ef28&ns=4

Just watched it, was fun.

HHI has 2340 episodes all over the world.

Caught this Taiwan episode recently.

Called “Teachers Learn The Strange Ways of Taipei”. Jarrid Kraft and Sarah Spencer move from St Louis to work in Wenshan.

Only clip I could find.

A full youtube episode of another couple moving to Taipei.

Yush and Cecilia.

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Hot mess haha. And lol at the agent for showing them 3 places and 2 are way over budget. Wonder if they stayed in Taiwan.

What would be available under that budget in Taipei offering some good standard.

Both the links in the OP’s post are dead, but I’ve heard that when they film the show they already have a house chosen and under contract – in fact it’s a requirement to be on the show. Seeing the other two and going through the whole “decision” is completely bogus.