House of Gods - November 15, 22, 29 (Sat) @ Dizzy (KHH)

Hello Taiwan! (This event is in Kaohsiung)

In an attempt to try something ‘different’ we’ve put together a small party for those who love dance music. It’s nothing super fancy, but we’ve made an effort to transform the venue into a ‘good vibes’ atmosphere. Our vision is to make this a rotating party (new venue every month or so). We’re starting this from the ground up. We hope that with your support, this event can grow into something for everyone. So come be a part of it from the very beginning!

House of Gods will be every Saturday for the rest of November at Dizzy. Small venue, good tunes, inexpensive night. Come expecting something slightly musically different from what you’re used to. Nothing crazy…just probably won’t hear Madonna or Pussy Cat Dolls. :slight_smile:

Dizzy is located just down the street from Pig & Whistle. Just a few
doors over from the old Fabric club. No. 170-6, Sihwei 4th Rd. Tel: 07-2693833

Door Charge is $150 (included 1 drink).

Beer is $100 per bottle/can and mixed drinks are at $150 (included Red
Bull & Vodka). There is no food So please fill up before you come.

Event Flyers: