Household Registration and ID (Taiwanese born in Taiwan, grew up overseas)


I am keen to get a personal ID card but not sure what my entitlements are.


  • I was born to Taiwanese parents in Taiwan.
  • Left Taiwan when I was 2 and am now 30 (returned to Taiwan for visits but on a foreign passport)
  • I hold a Taiwanese passport with a Personal ID Number.
  • I believe my mother has a household registration at my aunt’s address. My mother pays into the National Health Insurance and Pension schemes, and returns to Taiwan every two years to keep this active.

I’m unsure if I would be allowed to have a household registration at my aunt’s address and get a personal ID that way? Or if I would need to live in Taiwan for a period of time.


Suggest before a new post search the threads as this has been asked an answered already. You are born in Taiwan so you already have HHR and ID card.

All you need to do is move back and register at an address, Then can be anyone’s address. So you would go to HHR office and register your address and also get a new ID card of course with same number as you have already.

To get NHI you need to either be employed in Taiwan, or if not employed live here for 6 months before you can get NHI. Again all this has been asked and answered and searching the threads you would have found all this information before posting.


Go to the household registration office nearest where your mom is registered (you are likely registered there too but now inactive), tell them you want to apply for your first ID card. Bring your passport and 50 NT. You should get the ID card in about 20 minutes.


So you’re a Taiwanese citizen with HHR then. All Taiwanese citizens over a certain age are allowed (but not required) to get an ID card as long as they live in Taiwan. If you don’t live here, then there’s no point getting it now. Just get it whenever you move here in the future.

When you get your ID, you are supposed to use the address in Taiwan where you live. It could be a rental, or your own house, or your aunt’s house as long as you live with her.