Housing Headache

I’ve never moved outside of home until I got to Taiwan, so the whole leasing/subleasing/contract agreement terms that come with renting is still very new to me.

To summarize, I took over a lease from someone who finished 5 months of lease when I moved in. The lease is nearing the end and the natural choice would be to renew. I will be going home in about 6 months, so I, too, would also be fulfilling half of the lease before I find someone to take over my lease. I’m not in excellent terms with one of my roommates who has been living there for years. It’s tolerable for me but she has suggested that it might not be good for us to share the same flat. I am pretty much settled in with a bed and furniture that I bought and I really don’t think it makes sense to find another place at this point, especially when I am highly considering going away during the summer. I like where I live, the rent is cheap, and it has what I need. It would be too much or a hassle finding a new place and one that would only let me rent for a few months

I’m not familiar with housing laws in Taiwan, but my question is (I probably know the answer is yes, but need some reassurance) if it’s perfectly legal to renew the lease, knowing I am going to live there for only a few more months? I’ve consulted with my landlord and he told me it’s too troublesome and he’s not okay with it but it’s something that I’d have to discuss with my roommates, who I barely communicate with on a normal basis.

Well I don’t see what the problem is to extend it six months. Landlords are pricjs.

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