How about these independent coffee shops? How do they make it financially?

That’s to prevent ‘ass parkers’ from sitting all day and spending almost no money, businesses need business (money) to survive! Try to become a regular and business owners will be happy to oblige.

That’s bad attitude.

Really, the ‘west’ is better?

the local level of ass parking is indeed pretty diabolical. sitting down all day playing games, charging like 6 devices and watching youtube with a thermos is a pretty common sight in cafes and fast food places that don’t even have any seats

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give shitty service and get a shitty review for everyone to see. its a better attitude than being pissed off. the only thing i regret is not getting a photo to post that one time i was served a cockroach.

and i didn’t say the west was better but its not acceptable for staff to mock foreigners English ability right infront of their face. no i’ve not seen that.

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One time only?

They had a ‘bad hair’ day!
People are to sensitive nowadays, any mishap they want to ‘review’ online and give minimal stars. WTF! Get over it, go somewhere else where they have a better service and coffee. Don’t waste time on ‘reviews’.

two times.

the second time the staff went out of their to make up for it. great service, i had no need to leave a bad review for them.

not sure what your beef is with leaving a review, its very useful. and theres nothing wrong with holding people accountable who think its their right to give shitty service or insult customers. they should find a new job if thats their attitude.


yeah he couldn’t possibly have had a good business plan. I think he’s done well, if it’s so easy , everyone would do it


I will recommend a place when it’s good, but never leave a negative review when it’s bad. I’m not wasting time on that. If you think you’ve had a bad service or experience talk to them in person or the manager.

It’s the same business plan as a zillion other businesses in Taiwan, it’s the story of the poor father or single mother or the dream they had. People fall for it.

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Louisa Coffee isn’t a great place to sit for a long time to work/study or chat with friends. Most branches don’t have sofas or even toilets. In the independent places, you’re typically paying extra for somewhere nice to sit for as long as you need to. It makes a lot of sense on the weekends, when Starbucks (which typically does have sofas and toilets) is noisy and packed. And Starbucks is pretty expensive anyway, either equal to or slightly less than most indies.

Aren’t you the monopoly guy? You must have wads of cash!


talking in person can be brushed off. writing a review might actually make a difference because its public. its a good system.

This is a wack Taiwan thing.

Like the toilets in China, open door!

And that’s where i say, screw the culture shit and embarass him as well.

辛苦辛苦, 吃苦。。。

A lot of them don’t. I have a pair of colleagues who were going to go in on buying a franchise…Louisa (?) or something like that until they really did the figures for what they would need to make if they hired full-time staff (instead of using family), had a decent location, etc. I believe they said it would take them near three years to be seeing a profit.

I did ask a guy selling coffee off the back of his bike how many he sold and he said usually ~60 on weekends though has sold over 100 on a day before. He probably is in for $10 per cup and sells them for $30-50. Of course, no office worker dreams of quitting their job and selling coffee off the back of a bicycle.

Too many cafes and not enough customers result in low or no profits. It seems trendy business as well as one of easy entry. It seems a trend from Japan and I wonder if Japanese coffee cafes make money as it seems a cup of coffee is cheaper than Taiwan with double the rate of labour wages . (I see posts at coffee shops this week in Fukuoka pay rates YEN900-1,200 hour)