Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Does anyone else find it odd that the new Danhai LRT lists the stations in English before other languages? If they put other languages before French in Quebec transport, they’d be calling for the heads of those politicians.


Tamshui…They just love saying it. Very international.



Then when you are down they get you with the sucker punch.



It’s all Giles of Tamshui fault. Really. :slight_smile:


I find in general that Taiwan is a little too accepting of foreign influence.

This old man watching porn during rush hour on the MRT is pretty wack.


Shame on you for drinking his porn milkshake…


And I assumed it to be a public utility . . . I feel incredibly embarrassed now.

Y’all know what else is wack? Nihilist Hello Kitty.


To throw or not to throw, this is the question




Does anyone else notice Taiwanese people switching to English if they are within hearing range of a foreigner?

I regularly walk past groups of people who switch to English when they see me. They’re not actually talking to me. They’re still chatting with each other.

It’s like they’re desperate to win face by impressing the foreign passer-by with their excellent English.

Of course, it’s not like I’m going to interrupt their little group conversation to grade them or anything. And for all they know, I’m not even an English speaker.

Still, they persist… It must happen every couple of days. It’s pretty wack.


If I had 10nt for each time someone said this here, I’d be filthy rich by now.

Nothing new. Happens all the time. Just smile and consider it a compliment. They are not really trying to impress you, they are showing off English skills to their friends.

Besides, how are you sure they were not using English before you walked by?


I’m French with no Anglo-saxon background, yet according to a grandma I met in a park, I have the same nose as an American.


Cha bu duo


Constantly. I can see them out of the corner of my eye, glancing at me, and jumping into English. I notice people first and it’s all Chinese, then I notice them noticing me, and out comes some English even though I’m just passing by no connection.


Or when the taxi drivers switch the radio station to ICRT as soon as you get on…sigh.


Really. I’ve been here four years and have never seen it mentioned on here.


All the time. It is quite pathetic.


It’s an old topic, you can search for it.


In other news, seems there is a trend with car decorations. I had seen simple Hello Kitty or Pink Panther stuff, but now they are going for the extra mile:

If I had a car, I’d have it done Supernatural style. Don’t think many here would recognize any of the sigil or wards.




May I remind you, my good sir, that our fan group in FB has thousands of members and every year we send a delegation to the convention in Canada. Maybe this year I’ll go again, haven’t met the ghost of Erroll Flint yet.


not sure if theres anything wrong with the time in taiwan or it just feels wack for me compared to the uks timing. i’m in england now so its winter and obviously darker than usual but still its usually around 7 that it gets light all year round. its quite nice, i’ve been waking up to it. in taiwan its 5 am all year round and gets dark early. how is this any use to anyone?