Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Well today Taipei sunrise is 6:40am, and sunset 5:19pm. But I do wish we had permanent daylight saving time, like Singapore and Malaysia. Like you suggest, daylight before 7am often just feels like a waste, especially when there’s pretty much never any daylight left after the workday is done.


You’re lucky he doesn’t pull little Jeffrey out!


Not when you wake up at 4:00 A.M. as many older Taiwanese do.


Who doesn’t?


they will still wake up that early if its dark, doesn’t make a difference. they would probably prefer it, less sun umbrella time needed.


ah fair enough. i’ve never been up that early in the winter. yea daylight savings time please!

i would have to go to bed at 9 to get 8 hours sleep if waking up at 5am. and thats just completely useless, too much stuff going on at night in taiwan.


Which is exactly my problem. Whether I want to or not, I usually wake up around sunrise - and so I go to bed around 9 or 9:30pm through the summer.


What is it with the increased incidence of stroke among older Taiwanese when cold fronts come through? It seems like every winter I spend here I always hear about how they 中風 a lot more when the weather suddenly gets cold. Wack if true.


Blood vessel constricts in the cold weather. The old folk suffer more from cold in old drafty houses, may not have access to heating or warm clothes. Going out in scooters increases wind factor.

We lose more and more neighbors that way every year.


Geez. I didn’t realize a drop in temperature could make that much of a difference. How sad.


It certainly is. The blood thickens and slows. It’s why you see old people wearing loads of layers even when it doesn’t seem that warm - they simply can’t get their body temperature up.

It will eventually happen to us, too. Make sure you build up muscle - it will delay the process.


No heating…Poor circulation…poor temp regulation…and they do drop like flies.


Are people that cheap to not spend a small amount of money on a space heater?


This is good news, since I have been very into becoming totally shredded. I can almost do an unassisted pull-up now.


Well some have a space heater but they may not turn it on plus old people can’t move much or confined to bed.
They may be beside a draughty window. Saw a TV show on a rural doctor in Taiwan he would teach the carers where to put the old folks and how to keep them warm. The window thing was a killer seemingly.


It’s not all bad. It’s similar to the Eskimos having no word for Bournemouth.


I haven’t been in the gym for almost 6 months. I’m going back on Wednesday and I will be pleasantly pleased if I can do pull-ups. I’ll probably ease in gently with the helpy uppy thing set at 10 or so.


加油! Jiayou!


Cant wait till i’m tearing down the Gongyus and replacing them with something people actually deserve.


Old people on 5000 a month pensions do not have the luxury of heaters nor can afford the electric bill over 200 ntd.

Old people live in old gonwu or worse, one floor damp as hell rackety and drafty houses.

Add health issues like a bad ticker or diabetes or gout and we have a deadly combination.