Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Now that’s wack. Nuff said.


Sort of. They dont believe they will need it enough to spend money on it and they think they will cause a fire. AC bills are much higher so its not really a good excuse. But I’ll admit they dont really need to be used that much. Theres definately something piss poor about the design of taiwanese houses though.


Six months is quite a while off. Don’t hurt yourself. I like to use those big stretchy bands for helping me up.


I’ll be alright. I’m a big boy.


OT, but what is this? I looked it up, but can’t find anything. I assume from the context it’s some type of housing for poor people. Does it refer to something more specific?


like these. They call them 公寓/Gongyu or Apartment in English.

As opposed to 電梯大樓/Dianti Dalou which are high rises featuring lifts or 別墅/Bieshu which are villas or townhouses.

I find them ugly, poorly maintained, uninspired and the reason why some blogs about Taiwan express concern over ugly streetscapes are because of these.

They were built in the 70s and 80s during the big economic boom and have three reasons for existing.

Dont build high cause earthquakes and typhoons might knock them down.
Built quickly because the economy is experiencing explosive economic growth and people need housing fast.
Dont give too much style or thought because we are going to take back the mainland. Dont wanna waste money over what is probably gonna be rubble soon. We all know how that turned out.


That was hilarious…



Oh, yeah, that I know. That’s what I live in. Can’t afford the 電梯大樓 across the street yet, and I can carry my stuff up the stairs without an elevator. The stairs are usually the delivery guy’s problem anyway.

I think what’s a worse situation for many older people is the oldold one floor houses in decrepit neighborhoods. I shortcut through a really poor neighborhood with outdoor toilets (and a weird underground club on the fringe, I should have taken a picture during their Christmas display for this thread) and you can see into the some of the houses as you pass by. They do not look like comfortable places to live. Although, there does seem to be a lot of community social activity.


A new building in Xinyi with no windows?


TBH they do cause fires…due to faulty installation, misuse or electrical failures. Last 2 to 3 fires on tv have been caused by heaters.


What I said…


It’s an iBuilding. Because it has no Windows.

…I’ll see myself out…


I’m sure other appliances cause accidents too. At the end of the day theres enough deaths every year due to the cold that more people should obviously be using heaters.



Safe heaters.

Well they do have the ocassional exploding electric fan but so far, there are more heater related fires making the news. Dunno about you, but our gonwu is in bad need of a complete refurbishing of the electrical system.


This just seems hateful to binary and non-trans who are not really invited but can come.


I’d say you’re kinda reaching there to find this “hateful.” Show me on this doll where this post hurt you.


It kinda hurt my brain. But that may be caused by the new moon in Capricorn.


I’m offended by this post for other reasons. “Peace, love, and stardust!” Um, kill me. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Hot take: some of these people get really into their nb/trans/queer identities just to bolster a lack of personality. I’d go so far as to say in some cases it’s…fabricated. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Transtrenders, they’re called…