Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



If the new moon’s in Capricorn, what’s in Uranus?




Would that be boofing?


Enough of this flirting.


I prefer “opening the chrysanthemum chakra.”


I started to pull some wood when I read “focus yoking” but then the two-level spelling fuckup on “bodies” was an instant buzzkill.


OK, now I’m triggered. My feelings have been disrespected (sarcasm).


Not exactly sure, but be careful when probing Uranus.


Charcoal heaters! That’s why they open a window. Doesn’t make sense actually.


Charcoal?! You want them to meet their Maker sooner than expected?! :eek:

I do not dare to use those nafta powered ones, on account of the fumes.

BTW, all new hands, please remember NOT to close all windows and leave a draft. Actually, it can save your life. In winter, as people take long hot showers, or forget to close the gas stoves, gas as in carbon monoxide poisoning. That is the reason old folk do not close the windows. They want to live…

Some info from last year:

Foreign casualties:


New national intelligence building?


It’s just another mall. Far East Department Stores.




Am I the only one that has Taiwan friends on Facebook that only post pictures of two things.

  1. Food
  2. Their injuries like a rash or bruise or bump or some bandage which is quite often.


Transparent titanium?


Those chicken trucks are horrible.
So cruel.

Two of my electrical sockets started sparking and charring up last month. Lucky I was home and figured things out.
Got the electrician in to fix them.
He tells me they use plastic components in Taiwan into he sockets which would be illegal in the EU which uses ceramics. They just use these plastics cos…you guessed it…they are 1/5 the price of the ceramics or something.

The plastics heat up over the years and degrade and for some reason it gets hotter and hotter (or the connectors inside burn through …I don’t know ) and then they start to char. I plug in all my heavier watt items through those electrical cords with the automatic safety off switch now !

I don’t really understand how the sockets work in Taiwan because in Europe the plugs have a fuse in them. Is there a fuse on the inside of the socket or just no fuse anywhere?


I don’t have Taiwan friends, what’s that like ? :popcorn:


They’re called… mimble wimbles wobble toggles duggle diggle doggle … Ye yiz youse yer der…ahh forget it.


Any heavier watt items should be plugged directly into the wall socket, using an extension lead generally causes more power loss and heating.


Yes but my house might burn down.