Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Plugging your heavier watt items into a power strip will almost guarantee your house will burn down.


Not in my house…The current outlets are the ones that are smoking.


The outlets that you’re plugging extension leads into with high wattage appliances…think about it for a moment.


Yeah but the extension cord automatically switch off when pulling high loads.


Eh the instructions manual specifically says never plug into an extension, but for safety plug directly.


No. NEMA Plugs don’t have fuses. NEMA plugs are the type A/B plugs found in North America and some other countries. Plugs in Europe, specifically UK AFAIK have fuses as a post WWII standard because of a copper shortage in those times and it was cheaper to have the fuse within the plug itself, making the house one circuit. NEMA design is to have individual copper wires reaching the plug(s) in the house in separated zones, while fuses are in a central fusebox. If your plugs are smoking, It’s probably time to replace them with newer ones. Newer and more expensive ones are more fire resistant, but yes, we use plastic in North America too on our plugs.

While I’ll admit, Taiwan takes a laissez-faire approach to safety, I mean, they didn’t require grounding until the mid 2000s in new housing, making them decades behind North America in this regard. You’re right, EU and UK designs are indeed safer.


Except 240 volts can kill you.:wink:


But it boils water quicker for all that tea. :grin:


As can 110 :open_mouth:

220~240 is far more sensible as the current loading is lower for a given wattage. Taiwan published a proposal recently to move to a 220V standard, will be interesting to see if it ever happens.


Every friggin’ new appliance I buy, taking pliers to remove the grounding plug … “Hmm, so is this the appliance that will kill me?” I write that as someone who knows next to nothing about electronics.


The older women doing advanced yoga
in the fitness room at the gym are making me feel deficient.


Is your cat unwanted or troublesome? Just express mail it to a shelter!



Wait until you are surpassed by an abei wearing blue sandals while hiking/mountain climbing. You are breathing heavily from exhaustion while he has enough energy to bombard you with a barrage of questions; where are you from? how long have you been here? are you married? Extra points if you are barely holding with your nails to a rock while he is standing Spiderman style parallel to the ground…


Where do these idiots come from and how do they get employed!?



Wait, what?! How on earth would this kind of rule be enforced, and what are the guidelines? Or is this one of those stories that’s actually from the Onion?

I’m imagining a dystopian future where I have to take shrimp shells or the picked-off cilantro home with me.


Task task. They passed a difficult series of tests that include using Tang dynasty poetry style to write gonwen. These people have the jobs everyone covers.


The strawberries are killin me, man. So expensive but I want nothing more than to eat boxes upon boxes of them. :strawberry:


In Taiwan they’re too expensive! Oh, in Japan it’s excessive!


Yeah, those special little pink ones they have are so pricey.

I wish I could quit my strawberry habit but ever since I got a blender I’ve been even crazier for them…


Strawberry generation… :roll_eyes: