How American-born kids travel to Taiwan

Hi, how can American-born kids (minors) enter Taiwan during this pandemic? Can they use their US passports? What special visa do they need? If special visa, do they need to convert to different visa once arrive to Taiwan? Or do they need to apply for Taiwan passport, which will take 3+ months?

One parent holds NWOHR and other is Taiwan citizen with deactivated household registration.

My Taiwanese wife has household registration, so this is what we did for our daughter to come from the US:

  1. Enter Taiwan with a COVID special entry permit (e.g., visiting relatives)
  2. Once out of quarantine, arrange kid for a medical physical (make sure to bring kid’s immunization record) (walk-in before 1:00 pm)
  3. Apply for kids’ resident visa at National Immigration Agency (must have translated and authenticated birth certificate, marriage certificate, parents’ Chinese name declaration, passport w/entry visa sticker) (pickup in 7-10 days)
  4. Apply for Citizen ID at District Household Registration Office (immediate pickup)
  5. Apply for Taiwan passport at MOFA

Not sure what deactivated household registration means. Good luck.

@JohnTN did you have to authenticate your childs immunizations records for HHR/national ID?