How and where can I get this hydrocortisone medicine?

I need to find this hydrocortisone.

On Shopee, I can find “Cortizone 10” that are cream.

But what I am looking for is not cream. I am looking for this version in the picture which I can use on my scalp.

How can I find this? Can I just order it from some foreign store? Or is this available somewhere in Taiwan?

No that kind of thing isn’t available here. It might not ship here if you can find it online.

Why can’t you use cream on your scalp?

I wouldn’t have thought so either. It seems like an overly “American” kind of product.

Probably because of the greasiness, I suspect. Though I’d also just use some other cream/liquid-based steroid product, of which there are lots here.

Scalpicin Max Strength Scalp Itch Treatment, 1.5 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Similar products can be bought from Amazon. The easier and cheaper option is to book an appointment with a dermatologist and ask for the script for exactly what you need.

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Instead of cream, have you considered liquid if that kind isn’t available?

I don’t know what your issue is but I had itchy scaly and I basically cured it from getting a shampoo head scrubber. Turns out, I actually need exfoliating instead of putting more products on that offered temporary relief but made it worse.

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Dermatologists here always prescribe some thick strong steroid. But I want to opt for a weaker steroid like hydrocortisone. Can Taiwanese doctors liquid hydrocortisone if I ask?

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In my experience, the doctors will be pleased with your knowledge of what you need and prescribe accordingly. Well, once in a while you will get an arrogant individual who is insulted that you correctly contradicted their differential diagnosis (particularly in front of their interns) and will opt for an unnecessarily painful treatment. Last time I wasn’t even prescribed painkillers after an excision. A story for another day :sweat_smile: