How are tattoos in Taiwan?

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo. I read that some of the tatts here in TW are less colorful than others, but also that they’re much cheaper.

Are they hygienic here? (I mean western country hospital clean.) and are the colors and workmanship high quality?

I’m not looking for anything really fancy, like the words “FUCK” on my right arm and “OFF” on my left arm in big angry red lettering amidst a background of hellfire, skulls, guns and knives, just a few smaller, simple words of vivid colors.

Any suggestions or experiences?

There’s one place that recently beat the L.A. Ink crew in a global contest, so yes the quality is here. Like anywhere, some places are good, some are bad. My wife had hers done at Needle No.8 in Taipei (Google it, they have a website). They’re close to Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT.