How can I convince my company to not withhold 18%

Has anyone successfully convinced their company to withhold at the normal rate instead of 18% salary from January to July, and if so how?

They couldn’t do it legally. I know guys who teach kindy whose employers pay them partly in cash. The cash part is tax free.

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There’s many unscrupulous people here running schools who will pay you under the table so you never notice you’re being taxed.

Honestly, is it that bad? You’ll get it back in a bit.

It can be done. I did it as part of a protracted salary negotiation. There is no legal issue except your company gets fined if you abscond.


I didn’t know that - I assumed it would be illegal. My apologies, OP.

Well, the part about cash payments being tax free is obviously illegal!

My understanding: There’s no legal requirement to withhold 18%. However, if company withhold 5% and you leave the country in under 183 days, the company has to pay the excess 13% out of their pocket. So they’re covering their own asses by withholding more.

However, I’m not going to leave the country before 183 days, and I’m willing to sign something to that effect.

I’m also able to provide a Taiwanese guarantor who says they will pay my taxes if I “flee”. I’m wondering if that will convince them.

Edit: math error


Taiwanese companies like guarantors. Worth a try.

Your math is as good as mine!

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Little is obvious to me when it comes to the law.

that’s where the 1%ers get their money


Where I work, they were withholding 18% under the 183 days excuse. After some discussion, they accepted to change it based on the expiration date of my ARC.
Now the situation is:

  • If the expiration date of my ARC happens to be in next year or later, they won’t withhold anything.
  • If the expiration date of my ARC is on this year ( no matter which month), they will without based on the 183 days rule.

After the discussion, I had to renew my ARC once, and it happened on February. Hence, on that year, they did withhold for incoming taxes until I presented a new ARC on March. After that, they withheld 0%.

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It can absolutely be done. In fact, there’s no obligation for them to withhold any taxes at all. That’s my preferred choice as if the company burns me I can burn them right back by not filing and ditching (of course if you have an APRC that’s a license not to pay taxes at all).

Only illegal if someone gets caught. :wink:

What do you mean?

Actually, no, we get it by making and selling speed and protection money rackets.

You need to present a tax form to renew an ARC.

By its very definition an APRC is permanent.

Many teachers I know are very very selective of what jobs they have go on their taxes and what does not.

Enforcement is extremely lax. Just think: how many landlords actually provide you with a receipt that allows you to claim the rent tax credit?

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From my neck of the woods, we would move gear up and down the country, and rent out gats for jobs. Nobody really looks twice at a biker in a currier vest.
(was going to use the motorbike emoji but its a plastic cock rocket, so I scrapped it)

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If you have an APRC most jobs wont hold it. Some still do though, but it can be negotiated like others said

To be clear, we do not condone or encourage this type of behavior. :oncoming_police_car: