How Can I Create a Company in Taiwan?


Hello in old days I ask something but now I have other question.

I am moving from Turkey I am trying have Huayu schoolarship for study Chinese Language for 1 year and I want study business managment and in end I want create my own job in Taiwan I make a research in internet but I cant fnd a very good result can anyone help me about creating a company in Taiwan?

I will be very happy and thankfull thank you from all now :smiley:


Lol let me give you all my business idea. That’s not how it works buddy.


sure give me


Pretty sure he’s asking about the legalities and process, not for business ideas. If that’s the case, I’d suggest searching around here a little more deeply as there’s lots of information…Ask more specific questions later if you have them.


OP: you’re talking about 5 years in the future, at least, so the only thing you need to know right now is this: it is reasonably easy for foreigners to start a business in Taiwan, and there are several different ways to do so. By far the easiest path (but not the shortest) is to get permanent residence here, which gives you an unrestricted work permit. However, this will take 3 years study + 5 years employment.

While you learn Chinese, get your degree, and get some work experience, you’ll find out how to start a business. Hopefully you’ll also get some tips about successfully running a business.


How to start a small business in Taiwan.

Start a really big business.
Install Taiwanese management and staff.


Here’s a spot to start.


Can you help me?


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Do you have any idea for find it i really make search but here is nothing my girlfriend say we can do it in Turkey but i am not sure :slight_smile:


following :upside_down:


You mean?


candenizkusu: I realise Turkish and English are very, very different languages, but you’re going to have trouble learning the rules here unless you speak either English or Chinese fluently. The information you want is only available in those languages.

Don’t try to do too much, too soon. Apply for your scholarship, learn Chinese. Then, when it’s the right time, think about your business. Focus on one thing at a time :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what your gf means. You can certainly start a business in Turkey and then open a representative office in Taiwan. But that would be a really, really bad idea.