How can I give up work permit and ARC from outside Taiwan?

I’ve got a work permit and ARC as manager for a Taiwan rep office. A company that’s very interested in hiring me full time is flying me back this month to the U.S. to interview me. The salary of the job is 4x higher than I’m making now and I would have to relocate back to the states to work onsight in their office.

If I take the job I probably won’t be able to come back to Taiwan to close everything down because of the excessive quarantine. But I don’t want to give up my work permit and ARC before I go to the U.S. because I won’t know 100% about the job until after the interviews.

If I take the job I would want to make sure that I close everything here correctly in case I ever decide to visit here again as a tourist. Namely giving up my work permit and ARC and paying the tax I will owe for my Taiwan salary this year up until I stop working as the rep office manager. Which would be the day I accept the job in the states.

Anyone know how I can give up a work permit and ARC and pay my tax for this year from outside Taiwan? TIA for any help.

You need to call a lawyer and grant them power of attorney.


Taiwan is about to relax quarantine entry rules. I read the article the other day but can’t seem to find it.

Is there anything about the Taiwan work permit that says it’s an obligation to work here if granted one? If not, the point should be moot isn’t it?

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No, but there are other duties like tax and stuff that must be tied up neatly.

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Yes taxation is always there. But tax for a partial year of work isn’t unique to Taiwan.

What’s the other stuff?

Basically any debts you have.

And he should close the business.

I don’t think you need to “give up” your ARC and work permit. Just leave and they will automatically expire on the expiration date.
You can do your taxes online. Payment could be done by transferring the money from a bank account in Taiwan using internet banking.

National health insurance, if you dont tell them you are leaving it will continue and then one day you find out you owe the gov thousands of NT$ (been there, done that)

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I’ve found it doesn’t really work that way in Taiwan. Sure you can do calculations online. But you still have to send in physical documents.

It’s not 100% electronic which for me means it’s not online. Unless you have help, physical presence will be required to finish the filing process.

Plus the documents they ask for is a useless process. Why should a government department in a tiny island ask for documents processed by a department (NIA sitting next to them) ? They ask for copies of ARC, proof of employment, spouses ARC, which is just not required. Spouses ARC is issued by looking at the same documents that they’re asking for. The paperwork duplication and non sharing of info amongst the departments here in the year 2022 is mind boggling.

only the first time I had to submit papers in hard copies. after that i have been doing it online with no submission of paper documents.
Spouse and children ARC make sense since the tax calculation is different for families vs singles.

It makes sense to ask for numbers. Why ask for copies ? They can always check online themelves, if the ARc numbers of dependents match what you declare.

So you’re saying from the second tax filing, it was 100% online for you?


Thank you.

Ok. So I have my work permit and ARC for a rep office. Both are good until end of 2023. To get the work permit I had to provide my employment contract which says how much my salary is as rep office manager.

Let’s say I take a job in the U.S. on April 1 and I quit working as the rep office manager here same day. Excessive quarantine goes away later this yera and I can come back here on vacation to close things down at beginning of 2023. Because the government has no way to know I quit as the rep office manager on April 1 won’t they expect me to pay tax on the salary they thought I was getting from April 1 until the day I come back to give everything up officially? Even though I wasn’t getting that salary because I wasn’t the rep office manager anymore. The worst thing about this would be the tax rate because I won’t be in Taiwan for 183 days.

I tried doing internet tax filing one year. Couldn’t get it to work. Taiwan is that one place where it’s usually easier to just go in person.

NHI is no problem. I already know how to suspend that.

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