How can my daughter stay in Taiwan?


Hello everyone, i am filipino but i already have a taiwanese ID and passport. I have been living in taiwan for 16 years now, as i was married to a taiwanese, 3 years ago i decided to divorced him beacuse he has alot of vices, we lost all of our money , house and car. I took my daughter from philippines before the divorced, so she has been studying in a university, but we couldn’t afford to pay for her tution fee,she only has a student visa here.
The school kicked her out recently beacuse we couldnt afford to pay for it, and i cant just tell to her to go back to philippines as i already sold our house there, and i cannot afford to buy her ticket as well, and i wanted her to live with me. The financial and the divorced has affected her so much.
My question is, is there an easy way for me to just petition her without going back to Philppines? What do i need to do? Also my daughter is turning 25 this october and her arc just expired. We really do need a help.
Thank you so much


You should’ve sorted this before her ARC expired. Now she’s an overstayer. Best hope is for her to get only a fine for overstaying and not banned from entering Taiwan.
If she manages to avoid a ban, I think she should be able to apply for a resident visa for the purpose of joining parents. Note that the information here is for minors joining foreign parents. You need to contact the National Immigration Agency right away and ask what you need to do to apply for a resident visa for your daughter.


I am divorced with my taiwanese husband, and until now we don’t know where he is, and he never paid any money for our son, we are struggling so much living right now, as i am the only one paying for everything and it is not even enough. So i really don’t know how we can fix this, i do really feel bad that this happen to her. And i dont have enough money to pay for the penalty, i left her in the philippines when she was only 7yrs old, and i was able to get her here when she was 19yrs old… and the fastest visa that we did is to get her a student visa.


Wouldn’t she be eligible for Taiwan citizenship through you, her parent?


I assume she became a citizen after her daughter’s birth. Does naturalization of a parent cause a child to be naturalized? Does the child’s age at the time make a difference?


Hi! Filipina here with a Chinese I.D.Is these any possible that i could bring my daughter here with me?
She’s 24 years old this coming November.Thank’s!


I saw your post.Hoping thing’s are better in your life now.I’m a filipina too.Just hold on and pray ,our life’s are full of ups and down.