How can one get fingerprinted for the application for the US FBI police record check?

Just ask at the Taipei NIA?

I had it done at the NIA.

Can they give me a card and do it there or must I bring something?

It’s been a while but I think you print a card out online and they will fingerprint it…

There are only one or two places you can do it at, if I recall. I went to the NIA in Taipei. I cant recall which one but it has a basement where you go downstairs and get your fingers rolled. It was a bit awkward for me to roll my fingers from completely one side to completely on the other side so some of my prints weren’t clear. So, I suggest you do a couple of sets. I did three because I didn’t want to be resubmitting prints to the FBI from overseas if the prints were rejected. Each set is super cheap so do yourself a favor for peace of mind - get multiple sets and send them all to the FBI so they can choose which ones are good.

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I downloaded it online and printed it out on a cheap card stock.

Was any problem with the FBI mailing results to a Taiwan address?

FBI will send you a letter by email. You can print it out. I had them send the physical copies to an US address where I picked them up later. The email copy is the same exact letter you get in the physical mail.

When you applied, do you remember if there was one sheet for the fingerprints and another sheet to actually apply for the background check or was the fingerprint sheet and application just one form?I found fingerprint sheet but not a separate application form.

You apply online. Google FBI background check.

I just went through this and I also chose the mail me the results option.

Don’t do it.

Send them electronically. Period.

The FBI will email you a code that the DC office will ask for , and if you don’t have it, it will be near impossible to process your documents.

Unless you know people. I just happened to know people. Even then it was extremely difficult.

So, get your prints and then send them electronically.

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

I got my fingerprints on the sheet downloaded from the FBI site.I assume I must mail them to the FBI by snailmail since the only mention of electronically sending them is through “selected” US post offices.I got the fingerprinting done at the NIA but was bemused to see an electronic fingerprint machine which staff said could not be used for my application to the FBI.Is there some way to send my fingerprints electronically from Taiwan?By “DC office” you mean TECRO?So I should send the code the FBI emails me to TECRO?I thought I would have to print out the results letter and snail mail it to TECRO.Any advice would really be welcome.

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If you’re doing it from Taiwan, I’d go through an agent. I did, after I found TECRO in DC wouldn’t accept my prints.

If you want I can PM you with the details.

Please PM me.Where can I find such an agent?

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I went to the site but the only options I saw for electronic submission did not seem available to someone located in Taiwan.The only forms I saw were to be printed out and then snail mailed to the FBI.Are you saying that you filled out a form online and took your fingerprints electronically after which all this was submitted online from Taiwan?

Please follow the directions fully from start to finish. They will give you an option to mail the prints in.

Btw…I had to use a VPN to go to the FBI website where I currently am in Indonesia. I guess the US thinks nobody has any business going to the FBI’s site from here. But of course you can access the CIA’s. Lol

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