How can Taiwanese women (moms) track down deadbeat foreign dads?

In Australia some of my school classmates had deadbeat dads who they had never met and got no financial support from.

Of course it’s complicated, but from my experience it seemed to be one of or a combination of: mom giving up on getting any money from dad, mom being a psychotic control freak and wanting to get rid of dad, dad having some serious issues and mom rightly wanting to keep the child/children away from him.

It must happen where a foreigner gets a Taiwanese woman pregnant (married or not married) and where the dad takes off and abandons the woman and child/children.

Is the poor Taiwanese woman basically out of luck?
At best it seems that a long and challenging bureaucratic battle would be in store. A battle that most would eventually give up on.

Sounds like you know someone who has had someone bail out on them?

From the foreigners I’ve met the reverse is more often the case. They’ve abandoned their kids in their home country and escaped to Taiwan.

I’m sure there are cases of foreigners breeding here and then leaving the country. I can’t see any legal recourse in this event given Taiwan’s situation.

It’s a very mixed pictures some women don’t want the dad’s around.

Support is still necessary, otherwise taxpayers have to cover it.

No they don’t want the dads around cos they are just sperm donors for the mixed babies, that’s a real thing here too.

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I know you like to be right, so OK.

I know some of them are for sure. The percentage, I couldn’t tell you. It’s a thing in Asia, having mixed kids.

A lot of these families don’t want the foreign father around once it all goes South. Countless stories over the years here.
Very few about chasing down the deadbeat dad’s though. They dont need the money in many cases.

Wouldn’t the kids have a stigma attached at school etc in Taiwan?

Presuming that the dad was caucasian, a mixed race kid with no dad would stand out. Not to sound mean, but even a mixed race kid with strong family support would stand out in most neighbourhoods in Taiwan.

Who knows…maybe the mother remarries a local and everyone looks the other way.

Absolutely no stigma these days.
A lot of kids in the schools, their parents are in China, I shit you not. People don’t care about that stuff anymore. That’s my impression.
The families love the grandkids , loads of these families are loaded.

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A quick Google search shows that Australia has entire bureaucracies devoted to getting child support payments made, including internationally. As long as she knows the father’s real identity she should be able to get the government to get money sent to her.

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That’s why you have to certify you’re single now before you get married here.

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Certified Single. Great Tshirt for n00bs and FOBs.


10 years later they upgrade to the ‘Certified Divorced and posting on Forumosa to find out how to get custody of my kids’ shirt. :smirk:


Well, you’d probably be fatter by then. It could work.


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Assuming that the father is Australian.


Do you find it is common for Taiwanese women to want a half white baby?

Here in Taiwan the Taiwan parent has the upper hand. Though it is not as easy as before, but they control whether the foreign parent may even see the kids if they have «shared custody», mostly on paper.

It is not like in the West, where alimony is a given. The mother’s usually have to trade custody without alimony, or else the Taiwan father, if forced to pay, will fight and get custody. Meaning if you need the money you can’t support them, so sue me and I’ll take the kids too.

As stated, if the kids are in Australia, obviously the run away parent, if he or she has been used for alimony, would be liable to pay to the extent of the reach of Australian law.

In the old country we have a lot of cases of deadbeat Taiwanese parents, or worse, Taiwanese who have committed offenses like DUI, swindling funds, trafficking etc and ran away to Taiwan. It is impossible to grab them here.

I guess that anyone who wants to get away just does, but it is not an exclusive privilege of foreign men impregnating Taiwanese women. I know 3 cases where the Taiwanese father abandoned his mixed children here without a cent. Foreign hit and run was more frequent when there were US troops stationed in Taiwan and the idea has been seared in local minds.

Nope! I can’t speak for any other countries, but the American father’s state of residence will seek out and garnish child support payments for the child if the proper paperwork and procedures are followed. The mother can also file for US citizenship and a US passport as well. A nice anchor baby for her which was created in Taiwan. Score!

Not sure what specific situation you or your aquaintence is in. But it is far from bad foreigner, or even dad, poor mom. It is easily just as common here for moms to get vengeful and all out bat assed crazy to the point of harming their kids and creating trauma to get what they want. Sometimes the foreign dads (and moms!) Get depkrted after divorce is signed and they lose their children in that process.

Not that it is one side vs the other. But i have seen far more deptessing stories going the other way around where the local got everything and the foreigner got totally shafted. Imagine losing your life, children on top of a divorce and getting sent home to start new while shattered. Then have the witch they and collect money from you. Good men have gone columbine for less.

It is amazing how petty people can be. Has to be worked out on a case by case basis as the whol foreign baby thing here is a WAY different ball game compared to say tourist hotspots like palawan, bali, phuket etc.