How can this cockroach be found dead here? (Warning: Dead cockroach picture)

I am not saying I am surprised to see a cockroach.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was alive.

I am saying how can it be found dead right under my desk in the middle of nowhere? Can anyone explain this mystery?

I came home after 10 hours of work and then found this dead cockroach. It’s just in the middle of the floor under my desk.

Did it go “Ah it’s time to die. I want to find the best place. Ah! under the desk!”?

This is where it was first seen

Then, I took a picture more closely. Can anyone guess its cause of death? Starved? Tired? Just too old?

Everyone’s time comes to an end, grasshopper.

It was poisoned I guess.


It’s laid it’s eggs and called it quits.


Cockroaches don’t make much distinction between your desk and your toilet, to them they’re about the same, they do their lives without cariing much if that gigantic piece of landscape is a desk or a chair or a bed. Sometimes cockroaches just die while playing the dangerous but pleasant practice of autoerotic asphyxiation. Fact.


Perhaps it just smelled your feet.


They like that.


Maybe it had been working while you were out? Looks like a classic case of karoshi to me.

Some pesticides do cause them to go a bit mental and spasm-y though because of neuronal overexcitation, if it was indeed poisoned.

I’m not sure that insects care all that much about where they die. It might just be that you only notice the ones that die in the open. Have a look under your fridge.


Lots of happy hypoxia ending there.

This one clearly died of Covid. You can tell by the angle of the legs.


That’s what happens if you don’t wear a mask.


Are you saying @formo’s feet smell like rainbows and sunshine?

If you had cats this roach would not be an issue.

Can I interest you in a kitten or two?

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Hard to say without autopsy. But maybe…


+1 poisoned, or fatally injured. They dont naturally die in the open without assistance.

I didn’t install any cockroach killing poisons in my home yet. So it’s still mysterious.

Hate them…but admire them. I opened the pullout tray on the front of my washing machine to add soap. Found a big cockroach sitting in the soap tray. Ain’t easy to get there.

Take a bite out of it and see if it tastes funny, would indicate poisoned.

They walk and fly, very easily anyone around you did. Most of the baits are boric acid based and slow acting.

Me, I don’t know, me, but these observations might (or might not) be related:

But as I said, I don’t know.

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