How can you transfer a student ARC after expulsion

Alex has found himself without a university and thus his old university has told the immigration department. Immigration is processing his letter and will send him his 7 day notice in a week or two.

I’ve found a language college who are willing to accept/sponsor me

Would it be possible to simply transfer my ARC over to them? How would I go about doing this? It would be unfortunate if I had to reapply from another country.


Are you studying Mandarin? My girlfriend recently looked into switching universities for studying Mandarin. As long as the new school is on the list of MOE approved schools, it should be pretty simple. Immigration told us to simply bring a letter of enrollment from the new school, along with attendance records from the old school to prove she’d actually been studying. We haven’t tried it, but the woman at immigration assured us this was all we’d need. Make sure the letter of enrollment includes something to show you’ve already paid for at least the next term.