How "China Blue" band got its name

The band that plays with Wu Bai, CHina Blue, I was always curious how they got their name: CHina Blue. Today I heard this story and I believe it’s true.

How the name “China Blue” was created: When Hsiao Ju & Dino Zavolta the drummer first started hanging out together. Back in the early 1990’s. One day Dino went to Hsaio Ju’s house for a visit. Hsaio Ju is the piano player or the guitar player, I cannot remember.

As the day progressed, this conversation reportedly went on:

(Question) Hsaio Ju.:“So, Dino how do u feel about living in Taipei. ?”
(A) Dino: “Great ! It’s like a huge concrete JUNGLE LAND.” (speaking in English)

® H.J. : ZHONG GWO LAN ? (speaking in Chinese…)
® D: Yeah ! that’s right…JUNGLE LAND !

®H.J.: ‘‘ZHONG GWO LAN !’’ [and he starts laughing.]
(Q)D: What’s so funny ? What does ‘‘JUNGLE-LAND’’ / ‘‘ZHONG GWO LAN’’ mean in Chinese?

(A)H.J.: ‘‘ZHONG GWO LAN’’ means: ‘‘CHINA BLUE’’ !
(A)Dino.: Really ! Cool ! That will be the name of our new band we’re putting together.

And later, I guess they did team up with Wu Bai, who was a solo rocker then, and the group was called WU BAI & CHINA BLUE.

Funny story, if it’s true.

Follows rock history legends, too: Led Zeppelin got their name from John Entwistle & Keith Moon.
Keith and John hated playing with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. Stating they would like to join as members of Jimmy Page and Steve Winwood new group. They would go over like a “Hot Air Balloon”. and this the name was created: Lead Zepplin.


Going over like a hot air balloon would seem to mean going over well, as hot air rises…

The Led Zeppelin as Lead Zeppelin on the otherhand would imply it wouldn’t go well as lead = heavy metal, and zeppelin = travelling air ship.

I always thought that the band heard Wu Bai sing and got really bummed out, blue in fact. So they said, “If he can sing so badly, we can play equally bad!”

Here’s how Zeppelin got its name. Keith Moon, drummer for the Who, heard that Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and John Bonham were forming a band. He said it would go over like a lead balloon, Led Zeppelin.