How close?

how close to motorcycles need to be before car drivers see us?..

a very poignant and alarming advert from UK television designed to increase car driver’s awareness of motorcycle riders… These types of “public service announcement” type TV adverts are common place in the UK, US, even as close to home as Hong Kong and the Mainland…

strange how Taiwan has absolutely none of them, even though it seems like the ideal media for such campaigns considering Taiwan has one of the highest TV viewership rates on the planet… even 2 such adverts perhaps the along the lines of “how not to be a selfish cad” and “the notion of ‘right of way’” would go along way to increasing road safety here, although I guess they need to start with the more basic stuff like “how not to foul your own island to a point where it’s barely inhabitable” and “the stray animals you see on the street probably have a higher IQ than you, so treat them with respect”…
[/monday morning rant]

I remember seeing adverts on TV last year trying to explain to people that they should stop at red lights, and indicate before turning right.

I think they have a way to go yet before they can move onto advanced topics like noticing other drivers :wink:

Kinda funny how all scooter commercials here focus on speed.

Did I say funny? :noway:

Erm… correction… scary… yeah… very scary

At the movie theater for the last year or so they have a drivers saftey ad. Not a bad one either…not great…but not bad.