How Did Living in Taiwan Change You?


Other than being familiar with squatting flat footed over a hole in the floor that is called a toilet and bringing your own paper.


Most places at least have western toilet options. It’s very rare I come across a place that only has the old hole in the ground (maybe once a month). It’s fine to piss into the hole, but if I had to take a dump I’d hold it (even though pooping in that way is supposed to be healthier for the colon than sitting on a toilet, which scrunches up your abdomen). But I digress…

Taiwan hasn’t really changed me on a mental or spiritual level, since I’ve previously lived and worked in Japan and South Korea. Not the same, but they have enough in common that the adjustment isn’t too severe. I guess it’s just made me more aware of my surroundings when crossing the street, since it’s the wild west out here with scooters zipping around in all directions and a general lack of sidewalks to find refuge on. The air pollution is also an adjustment for my body in general. Feel like I lose my breath a lot these days. Finally started wearing a mask. Besides that, usual stuff like new language, food, etc., but nothing too life changing tbh.


This x 1000.


Never ever once used one of those toilets. No need


Born and raised here+have difficulties with the squatting shitholes. It’s not nearly as much a sanitary/cultural concern as an anatomical one. I just can’t squat properly like my friends can…how do they do that thing with their legs??? Unfathomable.


I just don’t see squat toilets as commonly as you guys. Even places that have them usually have a western option. Do you live in the countryside?


On the positive side, Taiwan has taught me to save and invest for the future and place emphasis on family. On the negative side, Taiwan has taught me to drive like a crazy Italian and burp loudly in public.


Still adjusting after all these years, every day when walking on the street or watching the Taiwan ‘News’ accidentally I know there is still a need for adjusting.


My biggest change and also my biggest worry is that I no longer have my guard up for crazy people or people with guns or knives or meth heads or insensitive police sneaking up behind me.


I am happier. 1000Xhappier.


I don’t think you really have to worry about losing that once you’ve developed it…kind of like learning how to ride a bike. Whenever I visit the U.S., my “tweaker radar” just automatically turns on.


Ive found the joy of picking my nose without worrying what people think since they are all doing it too.


I was gonna mention that, but felt slightly sheepish about it. At least I haven’t reached the “roll it around between finger and thumb while examining it closely from various angles” stage…something I see with shocking frequency on public transportation.


Sheepish? You’re* a cow!

I’m pretty crass so I lay it out here gladly




You got me :slight_smile:




Went from skeptic about national health care to believer. Went from gun toter to gun controller. Accepted fact finally that I am racist due to my belief that Chinese people can’t operate motorized vehicles.

. . . Also became much better engineer because of so much exposure to wide range of manufacturing technologies.


I’m not a grammar nazi. Just alt-write. :wink:


His belly-button

My belly-button